MFX Broker Bonus – Increases Any Start Deposit By 100%

Forex bonuses are always very attractive for traders. MFX Broker is offering one of such Forex bonuses and it has proved to be very useful. This new bonus offer is 100% Forex bonus offer and withdrawing it is very easy. Many brokers don’t allow traders to withdraw the deposit bonus easily, and that’s why MFX Broker is offering this special 100% bonus to depositors which they can en cash easily. This is a very simplified bonus program and that’s why you should know everything about this 100% Forex bonus offer of MFX Broker.

MFX Broker is offering this Forex bonus so that new traders can get double money for trading. By having double money for trading, you’ll be able to double your profits. MFX Broker has the least terms and conditions related to this bonus offer as it wants to keep it as a very unique offer for traders.

The most surprising thing is that the bonus can be withdrawn fully just by trading standard lots which equals 10% of the bonus amount which could be a very easy task. So just fulfill this condition and then you’ll be able to withdraw the bonus that you’ve got from MFX Broker.

Offer Title: MFX Broker Offering 100% Forex Bonus with Easy Withdrawal Option

Availability: The promotion is held for all new clients of the company.

Bonus Offer Link:  MFX Broker Bonus 100

Bonus Period : 2015 All Year

MFX Broker Bonus – How to Get

  1. The first step is to register for the personal cabinet. Even old clients are eligible for this bonus.
  2. For getting eligible for the 100% bonus, completing the certification procedure is a must.
  3. Go to the cabinet and then click on ‘Get 100% bonus’. Complete the required steps and deposit the money to get the bonus from MFX Broker.

Try to get the 100% bonus from MFX Broker as immediately as possible as the bonus can be availed unlimited number of times making it a very good offer. All the traders having an account with MFX Broker can get the 100% bonus and make maximum profit by trading regularly.

Important Conditions related to this 100% Forex bonus from MFX Broker

  1. Even if one can receive 100% bonus any number of times, only one bonus amount can stay active in one period.
  2. Date of registration of account is not important for getting this 100% forex bonus.
  3. Withdrawing a particular part of bonus is very easy. One just needs to trade definite trading volume in lots which equals bonus amount divided by 100.
  4. Total amount of bonus can be withdrawn by trading total volume in lots which is bonus amount divided by 10.
  5. Minimum amount that can be deposited to get 100% bonus is 5 USD only. Traders can deposit this money by making use of any of the payment processors available at the MFX Broker website.
  1. Maximum bonus amount is $5000 or the same amount in any other currency.
  2. Bonus amount provided by MFX Broker is in the form of credit.
  3. There is change of leverage to 1/100 which happens every Friday at 18:00, while the re change of leverage happens every Monday at 8:00. The time mentioned is the server time.
  4. Company has the right to finish the bonus offer whenever it wants to.
  5. Any withdrawal which doesn’t fulfill the conditions may lead to deletion of the bonus amount.
  6. If after completion of certain transactions the account will only have bonus amount present, then the bonus amount will get set to zero.
  7. This 100% bonus is provided to special trading account only and all the rules of contest and bonus programs apply to it.

Get the bonus amount before MFX Broker ends this bonus offer. MFX Broker has provided all the terms and conditions clearly so that traders will be able to get the maximum advantage of the 100% bonus offer. Unlike some of the other brokers, MFX Broker allows withdrawal of bonus in part as well as total withdrawal is allowed by fulfilling the conditions which makes traders become happy. Traders are having a very good time by trading with MFX Broker as it is giving them opportunity to make double profit.

Bonus Offer Link:  MFX Broker Bonus 100

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  1. Matthew says

    Openned account 2 weeks ago and i earned about 500 USD. Everything works perfect so far. Plus the service is very professional and helpful

  2. Chappie says

    I started trading with MFX on a micro account just to see how the broker works, it looks great to me, quick and reliable execution of trades.

  3. Shark83 says

    If you are looking for broker, I would recommend to check out MFX. I use Forex Standard account and I don’t have any problem.

  4. Roosevelt says

    I started trading with masterforex on a micro account just to see how the broker works, it looks great to me, quick and reliable execution of trades and support is available at all times. For me ok.

  5. Eduardo says

    MFX offer attractive bonuses for beginners, many types of accounts (i use forex standard).I have nice time trading with them, cannot say a bad word about them. I tested few forex brokers and MFX is my favorite broker.

  6. Armand says

    I have Forex Standard account in MFX. Minimal deposit 0 USD, Min. lot 0,01, Leverage 1:100 – 1:1000, execution is fast. Support is very helpful. For me it is good condition. What do you think about it?

  7. Sang says

    They offer support for beginners, many types of different accounts, user-friendly platform and mobile platform, execution is Fast and fair, . – thumbs up.

  8. Scotty says

    I respect MFX, this company has never let me down. I’ve trading with Mfx for over a year and I can say that this broker really does its best to satisfy the most demanding clients. I especially appreciate their fast and reliable system of getting cash and friendly and helpful support team.

  9. midaus says

    I noticed that only loosing traders are complain about brokers, those who win $ and earn money more or less constantly don’t like to complain, because they just happy with money they earn thanks for forex brokers. I withdraw money from MFX many times and everything was ok.

  10. Matti says

    Good broker, low spreads, instant executuion. I never had any problems using their services. I trade in MFX Broker for 4 months on real account on ECN model.

  11. Edieeer says

    For a few years i traded with XTB broker, but i changed it because i had big problems with their support and high spreads. Now i trade with mfx and until now i’m quite satisfied they have helpful support, instant execution and low market spreads.

  12. karamayn says

    Their platform are reliable and efficient . They have a low initial deposit. Their offer is extensive (leverage up to 1:1000), and offer attractive bonuses for beginners, many types of accounts Right now i use standard account.

  13. Bunger says

    I’m with this broker for 3 years and a half and still happy with them, no problem found for that long period. I’m mostly trading for 0.1 lot but with SL/TP for many hundreds points, usually holding position for at least several days and that strategy works fine with me. You just have to find your own winning strategy.

  14. Hackler says

    I have had real account for 6 moths and i can say that MFX offer low market spread and fast execution. This broker doesn’t get in your way and the service is professional.

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