Master Sniper Trading Scam Software? We Review The Details


This system perhaps should have been named “Master Sniper Trading Scam Software” . The people behind it should be honest and include the word “scam” in their title, since it is may be a more accurate representation of their product. Many people who research similar binary trading robots online are often inundated with so many promises of guaranteed big payouts when you buy their software, so consumers need to use prudence and do research and read reviews to separate honest and successful businesses from those whose only success is in continuing to perpetrate shady practices without getting caught. And, unfortunately, Master Sniper Trading software’s characteristics and marketing materials point to the latter rather than the former when their “services” are reviewed by those not obviously paid off for their “testimonials.”

Likely Scam: Too Good to Be True Claims

Binary trading software as well as other kinds of trading software like forex robots are intended to make the most ideal and profitable online trades for you automatically. Easily twisted into a get-rich-quick program, their allure can be tempting if your expectations are unreasonable and the people behind Master Sniper Trading are all too aware of this fact. While there is modestly effective trading software available to the public, the promises of Master Sniper’s “set and forget” system are too good to be true. Which is why it’s no surprise that it isn’t. The first such promise we noticed that tipped us off was their claim to having a “94.50% guaranteed” performance results. As anyone in this industry will tell you, that kind of success rate is completely unrealistic over any extended period of time. Another example of a dubious claim is in their marketing video:

Dubious Claims


It purports that those who download this free software can make anywhere from $4000 to $4450 dollars in profit using their binary options robot. And it’s “free”. It’s no wonder their profile has risen in the last few months. The pitch is superb.

As is their website and the marketing materials on it, Complete with the above mentioned video (where company CEO Adam Weiss tries to convince you of the validity of his software by having the anonymous narrator of the video showing you massive payouts on his broker page) is a live stats graph showing you daily profits that far eclipse daily loses when using this auto-trading robot. The problem is that there is no monthly or yearly date accompanying this graph. It’s just an empty, though seductive graph with vague numbers. No contextual data of any kind is included in this graph.

On the video, they even try to show you deposit evidence to convince potential users that the payout is real and someone really can make over 100 thousand dollars in accumulated profits using this company’s software. Of course, no bank names or account numbers are shown – just deposit indicators from a “broker” page. So we’re supposed to take the word of this nameless person narrating the video that we are actually looking at his actual earnings and profits when using Master Sniper and the deposit indicators on his broker’s page as definitive proof.

The supposed secret to Master Sniper’s “binary options genius” is their claim that the software is based on their powerful “Meta Trader 4 algorithms” or their “Wall Street MasterTrading Algorithm”. Which is….actually nothing at all. It’s just another fancy name they gave for their own charting and indicators software. As most of those who study online trading data will tell you, certain indicators can be based on trading parameters. But that charting software is completely unconnected to software developers who create scripts.

Review: Conflicting Facts and Marketing

There are other claims that Master Sniper makes that conflict with reality. In the same marketing video, Weiss himself appears and says he developed this software years ago with the help of Wall Street master traders and had it tested by 1000 beta testers. Which would appear on the up-and-up until you do some research on a site like Whois Lookup and discover that the domain for the company’s website was registered in October of 2015. That’s too recent for a company that claims to have been developing their program and approach for years.


forex autotrading


Which brings up another question: Who are these master traders Weiss refers to in his video who helped developed the “Wall Street Master Trading algorithm”? And while on the subject of unknowns, who are the people he offers up to share their positive experiences in this video? We see a number of “real life testimonials” from actual users expressing their gratitude and astonishment as to the effectiveness of Master Sniper’s software. No names or any other type of identifying information is presented on the screen with them. Just random, unidentified traders talking into a camera extolling the virtues of this software and giving a positive Master Sniper Trading Review.

Who are these people claiming “no experience” who are making “25 thousand dollars a month” with this trading robot? We’re never told – not even any identifiers like “George – Chicago, Ill” are given. Just some seemingly nice people taking about quitting their day jobs amid their continued revenue and gushing on and on thanking the people behind this product for being able to “just switch on the software and watch the money roll in”. It’s all very vague and no definite details are provided to back up any claims made. And these testimonials are very impressive and convincing. This is not a surprise; most paid actors give great performances.

Then there’s the other collaborators promoting the “Master Sniper Trading System”. Binaryapp-810 is an example of a site that promotes this software along with some other generic blogs. Unfortunately, this is a confirmed fraud site, used primarily to obfuscate attempts to find honest reviews about the company on Google. also provides fake testimonials in an attempt to give this system the air of validity.


Which is a shame, since there are plenty of reputable services and regulated brokers online available for day-trading. Plenty of people are providing honest and verifiable financial services, including broker bonuses, that can produce steady verifiable results for investors. Unfortunately, Master Sniper Trading Software doesn’t appear to be one of them. It just seems they are really good at producing a convincing scam.

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