Master Forex – Ego Pay Bonus Promotion: 0% fee + 100% VIP bonus

Master Forex – Ego Pay Bonus Promotion: 0% fee + 100% VIP bonus

MFX Broker starts new Ego Bonus promotion, compensates deposit and withdraw fee via Ego Pay for all clients and also offers special 100% bonus for the deposit.

To deposit MF-wallet via Ego Pay you need to go to the Personal Cabinet and choose depositing method. If you do not have Ego Pay wallet, open it following the instructions on the website.

Bonus Period: – till the 1st March, 2015,

Bonus Details: – Promotion is available with deposits from $500 to $2000.

Bonus Available to All New and Existing Clients

Sign up for the Bonus here: Master Forex Ego – Pay Bonus promotion

Master Forex – Ego Pay Bonus Promotion – Terms and Conditions

  1. Ego Bonus promotions is held since 2 December, 2014 till 1 March, 2015.
  2. All clients who deposit funds via Ego Pay during the promotion participate in it.
  3. Depositing of the wallet can be realized via Ego Pay. Depositing is realized by means of internal transfer.
  4. MFX Broker compensates the fee for depositing and withdrawing of funds, and also provides 100% bonus for deposit in the frame of this promotion.
  5. Minimum deposit for charging the bonus composes 500 USD.
  6. Maximum amount of the bonus composes 2000 USD or equivalent to it.
  7. Sending application for the bonus is available just for one trading account only once during the whole period of the promotion.
  8. Bonus amount becomes available for withdrawal after realization of trades, cumulative volume of which is equal to 20% from received bonus.

Example: your deposit is 500 USD, and according to the conditions you received 100% bonus of 500 USD. To make the bonus available for withdrawing you need to trade: 500*0.2=100 lots.

  1. Trade is considered to be completed after its close.
  2. Bonus funds can be used for trading as well as the personal funds of the client. After completion of the trading conditions, the bonus becomes the part of account balance available for withdrawing.
  3. Total traded volume is taken into account only for the currency pairs.
  4. Every Friday at 18:00 (server time zone) leverage will change to 1/100. Every Monday rechange of the leverage will be realized at 08:00 (server time zone).
  5. The Company reserves the right to finish bonus promotion ant time without pre-notification.
  6. Client who received Ego Pay bonus can participate in Knockdown bonus promotion only for the next deposit.
  7. Client who received the bonus can send application for partnership only after trading of the necessary volume, or after refusing the bonus.
  8. Clients who are Partners or sent an application for Partnership cannot get Ego Bonus.
  9. Payout of partnership fee for trading of clients in terms of the promotion is realized according to the terms of Partnership agreement.
  10. Bonus is automatically set up to zero in case after it’s crediting and realization of trading operations total amount of funds on the account becomes equal to the amount of the bonus.
  11. Bonus is set to zero in case of requesting withdrawal till the moment of achieving necessary trading volume.
  12. Client can set the bonus to zero any moment by means of sending application in the Personal cabinet.
  13. Ego Bonus promotion complies with the Regulations for contests and bonus programs carrying.
  14. Ego Bonus is credited only for real trading account of “Standard” and “Micro” type.

Bonus and Terms Source: Master Forex Broker

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