Magnetic Profit Scam: This Review Demagnetizes It!


Which is the latest lousy scam that is making eyes roll due to its poor tactics? It has to be the Magnetic Profit binary options robot. The following Magnetic Profit review elaborates in detail what the con artists behind this program have done in order to make newbies believe in their system that can supposedly make one rich overnight. How nice life would be if one can just become rich in a matter of days, but that is not how this beautiful life of ours functions.

Michael Lee: Actor-Looking Individual

The forex robot Magnetic Profit is being backed by its CEO, Michael Lee. Just by looking at the way he acts, this man appears to be a sketchy individual. It is like he got paid to say the things that he is saying. Oh wait he did, as he is an actor, one that was taken from the marketplace.

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“Mr. Lee” guarantees that the Magnetic Profit trading robot can make anyone one million dollars in as little as 30 days. Where is the proof that proves that this statement is real? If this was real, one can rest assured that the Magnetic Profit software would be the talk of many important blogs, like CNN Money. Anything that works to that point tends to automatically gain numerous of positive reviews, but that is not the case with the Magnetic Profit scam.

Hiding Under Fake Names and Addresses Is Expected from Fakes

Who is the real founder of the Magnetic Profit trading robot? One will never know, as founders of sketchy systems tend to hide under fake names. When they establish a website, they pay some more in order for their real names and addresses to be hidden. It is unfortunate to say, but a lot of them have been able to garner a lot of money from their lies; therefore, one has to be extra careful when choosing a forex robot.

On the day that the Magnetic Profit was released to the public, which was January 13, 2016, there was already an introductory video reflecting that many people have tried this software, and therefore, they are now living “large.” It does not take a genius to realize that this is impossible. It is simply a fairytale that the group behind the Magnetic Profit wants one to believe.

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ITM Rate Couldn’t Be Any More Poorer

What is the ITM (In-The-Money) rate of the Magnetic Profit software? The website of it does not state this information clearly, but that is because it is a very poor rate. It goes way below 70%; therefore, it doesn’t matter if you have years of expertise in the binary options field, you will never be able to make any type of coin with the Magnetic Profit system.

Copycat Alert

There is already another software like it in the market, that goes by the name of Profit Magnetic. Is the founder of both programs the same individual? That is a possibility. Another possibility is that it is a copycat system. The Magnetic Profit scam is a very lousy one. The structure of the website is poor, which does not go hand in hand with a founder, because he is stating that he has been able to garner millions of dollars with his system. If he has been able to make so much money as he has mentioned, then why doesn’t he have enough to hire a top-notch website developer to make a high quality website for his program? The truth of the matter is that the real founder of the Magnetic Profit is barely making it in life, which is why he or she decided to come up with a poor forex robot in order to somewhat make it.

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Restricted Accounts

There are a lot of people who have tried the Profit Magnetic, only to find out that their accounts became restricted soon after making their investments. They did not receive a notice beforehand, explaining why that was going to take place. For this reason, their investments have gone down the hill. There is no way that they will ever be able to get their money back.

Ask for Proof

Since there is no proof available regarding the claims that are present on the official website of the Profit Magnetic system, the most reasonable thing to do is ask for proof by sending the team of it an email. Will one receive a response? No. The Profit Magnetic’s team does not care in providing any type of proof, because they do not have any proof to provide. If they had proof, it will contradict their claims, as their proof would reveal how fake the Profit Magnetic system really is. That wouldn’t be of any benefit for this team behind this sketchy binary options robot.

Tools and Support Available?

According to the page, there is support available for all of those users who need it. It goes on to say that they provide a variety of different tools in order to help users grow in the binary options field. Allegedly, they want people to know more about this arena so that they can become experts. Do they really provide the tools that help in this area? No, they do not. One can look for them on the entire website, but one will come empty-handed after the search. Just like there are no tools available, there isn’t any support available either. It is clear that the content on the website of the Profit Magnetic system is a complete lie.

Profit Magnetic Software Has Obtained a Giant Red X

The Profit Magnetic program is worthless. It is so worthless that in a couple of weeks, one can rest assured that it will disappear from the market. Trying it would reflect that one is in a desperate stage in life, as there is no other explanation as to why someone would try such a sketchy system that does not contain any proof to make one think otherwise. This system has obtained a giant red X; therefore, it is suggested that one pushes it away from one’s forex robot finding quest.

There are good trading robots out there, though, so don’t despair. Check out our signals reviews as well as our scams list.

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