Caesar Trade Forex Live Account $100,000 Challenge

Join the Caesar Trade’s 100 k Challenge – Special offer for Forexbonus100 readers

How much do you think it will take to make $100,000 in the markets?

If you believe the answer is between $1,000 and $50,000 then this challenge is suitable for you.

Caesar Trade is  offering is multiple chances to use your initial investment to meet the goal of $100,000.

If your first investment does not work and you lose the initial amount, we will issue you many attempts to reach your goal.

Caesar 100k Challenge Details :

Period of promotion is 2015 all Year

New and existing traders can participate in the contest

Joining link : Caesar trade 100K Challenge Account

Note : Required Live Account and make deposits

The Caesar Trade 100k Challenge More details

  • The amount of chances we allow you is based on the formula:
  • Jackpot/initial investment or $100,000 divided by your first deposit
  • When your Equity minus Starting Balance equals $100,000 we issue you, your prize money.

Lets use a few examples for clarification:

Trader A deposit $1,000. He has 100 chances to make $100,000.

Trader B deposits $5,000. He has 20 chances to make $100,000.

Trader C deposits $25,000. He has 4 chances to make $100,000.

The time frame for this challenge is 12 months from the first trade.

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Terms and Conditions of the Caesar Trade Challenge

  1. No Lot requirements. Once $100,000 in profits are met the client met the challenge and issued proceeds
  2. Profits must be within 12 months (1 year) since first trade placed
  3. Client has x amount of chances to reach the $100,000 challenge based on the formula 100,000 divided by initial investment
  4. Caesar Trade will issue a new chance to client if equity is below $25
  5. A client can withdraw the initial investment if there is a remainder of this investment available
  6. Upon withdrawing any portion of initial investment, the challenge is cancelled
  7. No profits are issued until the stated goal of $100,000 is met

Please ask your doubts in the comments section below ,we will help you in all queries 🙂

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