LinkedIn Earning: A System That Is Faker than the WWE


LinkedIn Earning is the latest auto-trading robot scam that has people talking, as it is presented with information that no other scammer had thought about. The review that we recently conducted on it has found several suspicious aspects to it, which is why we are referring to it as a scam. After receiving emails from dozens of our visitors, who urged us to put this very talked about trading robot to the test, we decided to proceed, as we are here to put scams on blast so that none of you become victims of them. If you have visited us at ForexBonus100 before, then you know that we don’t sugarcoat anything . . . we say it like it is, which is why a lot of you keep visiting us to attain information on what program are worth trying and which ones are not even worth a glance.

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LinkedIn Earning Review

On the official page of the LinkedIn Earning forex robot,, you will be hit with their video. This video, which showcases the voice of an actor, states real facts that go hand in hand with how social media functions. This seems to be the go-to tactic that the creator of LinkedIn Earning software decided to utilize so that visitors can automatically feel safe, as they’ll be hearing nothing but facts. They even go so far as to style their page and graphics to not-so-subtley imply that their software is connected to But of course this is not true in the slightest!

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Let’s Pause This Review for a Second

Before we proceed with the review we conducted on the LinkedIn Earning system, it’s important to note that there are more than a handful of scam artists who are promoting LinkedIn Earning. Since it doesn’t work, the only thing left for them to do is find naïve individuals who are willing to try it. You can mark our words when we say that the LinkedIn Earning will never be listed on any reliable forex or binary options website. There are a lot of people who have already fallen for the LinkedIn Earning platform. You have been warned!

LinkedIn Earning: A Very Clever Scam

Making a connection with Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn and binary options robots is impossible, as these social media networks are not offering any auto-trading solutions. What the LinkedIn Earning is doing is masking a service with social media and twisting it into an automated scam. The creator of this program definitely went the extra mile so that visitors can truly believe this idea of his. The video really goes very fast on this topic, maybe so that you feel overwhelmed and excited about this new idea and thus feel like you are in good hands. It’s definitely a very clever scam. We give it that and just that. If we hadn’t been in this field for the time that we have been, we would have more than likely fallen for it, but not all the way.

Their video tries to reel you in with generalities about social media


LinkedIn Earning’s Customer Service Is Poor

When it comes to the customer service that the LinkedIn Earning provides, it’s also mediocre. Like we do with all the programs that we review, we decided to put the customer service that this system provides, to the test, too. We sent a simple question via email to the LinkedIn Earning team, and guess what? As we were already supposing, a response to our question never arrived in our inbox. Not a shock whatsoever to us at all, as this is the type of service that we receive when we are dealing with a scam.

What Are People Saying About the LinkedIn Earning Program?

We don’t only put programs to the test; we also analyze what people who have already put it to the test are saying about it. We noticed that people’s reviews on this system have been more negative than anything else. It quickly came to our attention that the majority of the individuals who have tried this program are newbies. This type of people are often the targets the scammers try to attract, as they know that since they are new to the field, they’ll be more easy to convince in joining their scam.

Once inside their member’s area, one of our readers alerted us to the fact that the scammers use the old trick of hiring actors to pose as traders and give us their heartfelt “testimonials.” Oh brother.

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What If I Get Scammed?

If you get scammed, getting your money back is something that will more than likely never occur, as the creators of scam programs, like the LinkedIn Earning, tend to provide a fake first and last name and then opt to disappear, leaving no trace behind. This can definitely be very frustrating; therefore, it is important that you make sure that you are dealing with a software that is one hundred percent legit, from A to Z. We have noticed that there are a great number of auto-trading robots on the market that are being promoted on pages that are linked to countries outside the jurisdiction of the USA or EUR.

LinkedIn Earning: A System That Is Faker than the WWE

As you can conclude from this review, the LinkedIn Earning system is faker than the WWE. There’s just nothing positive to say about it. It’s a complete fraud, a fraud that should vanish away from the Internet. It is definitely quite incredible that people who construct this type of scams are able to steal money away from innocent people and get away with it. This definitely doesn’t make sense. They should be stopped, like since yesterday. Don’t worry though. You have us to help out in your quest in finding an auto-trading robot that truly lives up to what it states to do. We are always reviewing systems, some of them we find out that they are scams, while others end up being legit, which are the ones that we recommend that you use. Feel free to add our website to your favorites so that you can always be on top of what’s occurring on the market and to attain information on those auto-trading robots that are definitely the best option at the moment.

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