Is Larry’s Cash Machine a Scam? Our Review Smashes It to Bits!


There are some binary trading programs that are legit and which help you earn money. Then there are some auto trading robot programs that are perhaps well intentioned but just badly programmed. After that comes auto trading scams that are meant to bleed you dry, like the Larry’s Cash Machine. This binary options robot, sold at is one among the long list of online scams floating around the net today. Our review of this software will tell you how they have been attempting to con you through a fraudulent and misguided video. Read through our review to learn more.

Review: The Fraudulent Connection

You never use Ivy League universities and the government in endorsing your product, especially if you are hard selling them. The tone of the video is nagging and you can very soon understand that Larry’s Cash Machine wants you to be a part of this very elaborate scam. The video is still better than some circulating in the net, but the idea of the government wanting to take it over by hook or by crook really does not make any sense. It’s a ridiculous notion.

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Scams bank upon the gullibility of people who want quick money. But in the process, such people will only end up losing money

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Larry’s Cash Machine Scam

There are a few red flags one must look out for while dealing with products such as Larry’s Cash Machine. These types of scams often ride on the back of extreme hype, hard sell or a misguided video, very much like the one this one has. Nowhere, in the video is the science behind the money making mentioned. The term “magic” is used too often to cover the “scam”. Snapshots of personal bank accounts are splashed across the screen for the world to see are another very common scam gimmick. You will see scores of people and their supposed earnings. You would be expected to take a look at all the people benefitting from the program and then subscribe yourself. And that’s what the program aims to do, building on your trust factor.

When you do see the video, you come across a number of things that just don’t seem true. The video does talk about statisticians developing the algorithm which has now taken the stock market by storm. Baloney. We have a feeling that the team behind this software can’t even spell “statistics.”

Larry’s Cash Machine

The other red flag which one should be careful about is while exiting the page, there is a dialog box which urges you to stay and activate your account. While there are few websites that tell you to stay back and offer you additional offers to stop you from leaving, most such websites are not legit. And you do have a reason to worry when you see such a marketing gimmick being pulled off.

The Story Of Larry

Then there is the familiar investment of $250 which will make you a millionaire, once you put that money into Larry’s Cash Machine Software’s account. The most laughable was the story of Larry. A very interesting story of the unknown statistician from The Harvard University who created the world’s most incredible algorithm, The Super Algorithm. Now, this algorithm is powerful enough to predict the next cyclone, election, population surge and trading patterns. As a result of which, the government hired professional drivers to scare the living daylights out of him. Could their sales pitch be any more bloody ridiculous?

Incredible as it may sound, Larry did live to invest $250 every single day to become a millionaire in 6 months. If this does not sound absolutely damning, then nothing else will. The good part about all this is the story telling and the actor chosen to play the part of the narrator. He really does the job well. Apart from that, Larry’s Cash Machine, is an absolute knock off of the numerous other fraud bots in the same vein.

Please don’t trust their crummy sales videos!


A simple Google search will yield no results and you can find no details of a guy called Larry and his credentials. Why is it that such a famous guy is only associated and existent with this program and there are no interviews of mention of him on any media?

Traders have complained about the veracity of the claims made in the video and has warned interested investors to look for viable means of investing rather than fall for these kind of cheap gimmicks. The net is getting murkier by the day with the increasing number of fraudulent sites infesting it.   

Final Verdict

Larry’s Cash Machine is an obvious scam that you need to stay away from. While binary trading software can be legit, this certainly isn’t one of them. You would do well to not trust it.

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