Infinite Binary Profits Scam? Get To The Bottom Of It With Our Review


Fraudulent binary options robot companies always start by sending mass unsolicited email invitations. Anytime you receive such mails, check the source to avoid losing your money in a scam. Recently, several people received an email invitation for the launch of Infinite Binary Profits Software. We got the invitation, reviewed their website, and smelled a scam brewing with this forex robot. If the complaints and negative reviews sent to us by readers are anything to go by, then investing your hard earned cash in this would-be autotrader is a waste of money.

We decided to do a full review to offer a more detailed and concrete record for our readers. Check out our full investigation below.

To Scam Or Not To Scam – That Is The Question

Apart from sending unsolicited mass email invitation, informed traders will be critical of the name of the system, which is infinite Binary Profits. There is a concern that the name could be misleading. It can easily deceive new traders into believing they will be making money with the system infinitely. We discovered that this is a tactic by scam apps creators; they often brand their apps to catch attention easily. Although this is not enough to prove it as a scam, it is enough to raise suspicions. I mean, why not just call your trading robot “Get Rich Quick Scheme” while you’re at it.

Infinite Binary Profits system has different scam characteristics, which you can easily see when getting onto their site. The first thing you will notice is the backward counter. The counter offers you 15 minutes to grab this robot, before it finishes. This is a common characteristic with fraudulent apps. When you move further into registration, you will see another 5 minutes backward counter. After staying for more than 5 minutes, the backward counter will stop and you will discover that you can go ahead with your registration. This means that this forex robot is not scarce at all  in the real sense of the word. It is a pitch meant at forcing you to sign up for the trading robot. This is a very common marketing tactic with scam autotrading companies.

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Even if you are not interested and decide to leave the webpage, it will prevent you from leaving the website. A pop up will appear claiming to offer you something unique. In other words, it wants to force you to use it. Why should it prevent you from leaving the website? If you decide to reload the page, the backward counter will start counting backwards. This could be an indication that there is something fishy. This is not expected of a website that promises to help you make money free.

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Infinite Binary Profits Review

The video narrator, Mike claims that the system can earn you at least $1000 dollars daily. This claim is not only dubious, but also unrealistic. It claims that it has 89 percent success rates, but has failed to tell us even remotely what kind of strategy is used to determine the signals. This is another common ploy with scam binary options robots sellers – bogus earnings claims. Even with a micro starting investment, you will supposedly earn at least $1000 every day. No professional trader should take such marketing claims seriously.

Traders value trading robots that are based on some kind of strategy, and not on unsubstantiated claims. Infinite Binary Profits needs to do more work to convince potential traders on how they generate their trading signals.

Infinite Binary Profits Tools Parade Fake Testimonials 

Perhaps, the most worrisome aspect of this software is its use of fake testimonials to prove its potential earnings. It says that 25 traders will beta test the system. A check on those testimonials shows that there were at least several actors among them. This means these are not real traders after all. How can you place you trust on a system that depends on false testimonials and feedback to prove its worthiness? These same actors have been used in several scam apps we have reviewed in the past. Come on guys, at least use new actors!

Their video leaves a lot to be desired


The worst is that Mike, the supposed system creator, is not real. After going through the system, there is no mention of his surname anywhere. Many believe that this is a standard feint to prevent users from probing further into the company and its founders. If Mike were a proud creator of profitable binary options robots as he claimed, he would have offered the opportunity to cross check his identity. His information that he was a Wall Street Trader cannot be verified. All these suggest that their autotrading software is a very likely a scam.

There Is No Endorsement Anywhere

The Infinite Binary Profits trading robot does not have any professional endorsement anywhere. You can easily tell a profitable software when you see one. It will get many recommendations from various forex forums. No credible endorsement website has anything positive to say about it; rather what you will see is a series of condemnation from cheated traders.

Furthermore, you notice that those sites known to endorse fraudulent robots in the past have endorsed Infinite Binary Profits. The trading robot has existed for several months now. If it is legit, there should have been verifiable evidence of traders earning money using it. This is a serious issue because this is capable of scaring potential users away from the system.

Infinite Binary Profits promises you free software but ends up demanding money from you.

It appears that the major aim of the software is not to make money for you, but to extract whatever money you do have. It uses different tricks and techniques to steal money from you. Mike promises to offer you his tool free. But there is a problem here, you cannot get this tool free, because it would demand an investment of $250 before you access the accounts. Infinite Binary Options do not allow you to use your broker if you are trading in the binary options market; rather, it demands that you fund new broker accounts. These brokers are not regulated most of the times. The question is why is it that their forex robot cannot work with regulated and registered brokers? Many people believe the reason for that is to make sure that you cannot easily recover your money after you have deposited it to their accounts.


We have presented strong evidence that infinite Binary Profits software is a likely scam. There have shown nothing that it is real and believable. We did not find any evidence to suggest that Mike the program creator even exists. It has all the suspicious elements that make up the typical binary options robot scam. If you were even thinking of buying this autotrading tool, you should definitely forget it, because you likely cannot make any money using it.

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