HotForex 50% Withdraw Bonus

Bonus Period: 2013 

Bonus Details: 

Hotforex 50% Withdrawal Bonus  is intended to increase the trading volume of the Customer’s Accounts. If all requirements of this Trading Bonus program are met, the bonus sum placed in your account can be withdrawn without any limitations or restrictions.

Advantages of Bonus

  1.  The Bonus Can be used as increased Leverage
  2.  If volume requirements are met bonus can be withdrawn
  3. Relaxed Time Limit for completing Volume Requirements. This encourages prudent trading
  4. Effectively makes the stop out level on original balance as zero

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Bonus Terms & Conditions: Source- Hotforex

The Conditions of the Forex Bonus are the following:

  •  The Deposit  Bonus is 50% of the sum you deposit to your trading account but the total amount of bonus on one account can’t exceed $15,000/EUR 11,000. Maximum amount of bonuses on all of the individual client’s accounts can’t be more than $75,000/EUR 55,000.
  • To withdraw the Forex Bonus from your account you need to make a transaction (number of lots) in the amount of: <Bonus Sum> /1 = <Number of Lots>EXAMPLE: You receive $50 bonus To withdraw the received bonus, you need to make a transaction $50 / 1 = 50.00 lots (only closed deals are taken into account).ATTENTION: For trading on Indices, U.S. Shares, Gold and Oil transactions, 1 lot traded counts as 0.1 lot towards completing the bonus volume requirements. For U.K. shares one lot traded counts as 1/1000 lot towards completing the bonus volume requirements.Only trades that have a 3 pip difference between open and close price are counted towards the Volume Requirements.
  •  Unless all requirements of the program are met, you can withdraw no more than your original deposit plus profits (or minus losses) at any time. Once the original deposit is removed, the bonus is lost. If a part of the original deposit is withdrawn the bonus is removed on a pro rata basis, therefore there will be a partial bonus removal.EXAMPLE: You deposit your trading account with $5000 and receive bonus of $2500 (50%). Let’s suppose that after you received bonus, the sum on your closed deals is $250 profit. According to the conditions of the bonus program, you are allowed to withdraw no more than $250 (your Profit) in order to keep the bonus sum on your account.
  •  A client has a right to decline the bonus program of Hot Forex.. In this case (s)he can withdraw sums from his/her account without any limitations and restrictions, and the bonus is written off the account.
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