Hirose UK Credit Bonus 20 % for Binary Options Account

Hirose Financial UK Ltd. is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA

Bonus Offer Name: – Hirose UK Credit Bonus 20 % for Binary Options Account

Bonus page link: – Hirose UK Credit Bonus 20

Bonus Period: 26 May 2014 – 31 August 2014

Hirose UK Credit Bonus – Campaign Terms & Conditions

  1. You are required to hold a LIVE account for Binary Options with Hirose Financial UK. If you do not had an account yet, please click “Open LIVE Account” button above.
  2. You are required to fill in the Campaign Registration form; by clicking “REGISTER HERE” button above. Only deposits made after you have registered for the campaign will apply.
  3. Only deposits made into Binary Options account during campaign period will be entitled to the 20% Credit Bonus.
  4. The Credit Bonus will be reflected into your trading account after you have fulfilled the minimum trade requirement by completing 10 trades.
  5. Minimum trade requirement applies to every deposit made during campaign period.
  6. In the event that you cannot fulfill the trade requirement with a single deposit, you are allowed to make further deposits until the requirement is satisfied. The Credit Bonus will be given based on your total deposits made until the trade requirement is completed.
  7. The Credit Bonus is for trading purpose only and cannot be withdrawn
  8. During the campaign period, should you make withdrawals before making any deposit, The Credit Bonus will be calculated based on your Deposit – Withdrawals.

E.g.: You make a withdrawal of $100 and then make a deposit of $200 after that. The Credit Bonus received will be ($200-$100) x20% = $20

  1. If you make a withdrawal from your Account or Transfer funds from your Binary Account to your MT4 / Lion Trader Account within one month of receiving the Bonus then that Bonus amount will become invalidated and cancelled from your Account.
  2. The payment made to you is a credit to your trading account that can be used for trading purposes only and can never be withdrawn or transferred from your Binary account.
  3. The Maximum Credit Bonus allowed is US$2,000 per person.
  4. The Total Credit Bonus available is limited to US$100,000. We have the right to end the campaign if Total Credit Bonus reaches $100,000.
  5. Subject to the requirements having been met, the Trading Bonus credits will be paid into your account within five (5) business days of receipt of your deposit.

Bonus Source: – Hirose UK Credit Bonus

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