HFT Shield: A System That Will Uncover Your Wallet, and Run with It


The HFT Shield forex robot is being referred by many people as a scam. Thanks to the review that we conducted on it, we can now comprehend why. On the official page of the HFT Shield auto-trading robot scam, hftshield.com, you will be introduced to a lot of eye-catching information that totally makes sense when it comes to the truth behind losing, but this software won’t be able to aid you in any way to become a winner.

HFT Shield Review

The creator of the HFT Shield trading robot scam, Howard Young, focuses on why one isn’t making any money with binary options robots. According to him, he has found the answer on what it takes to win every time on the market, as you will no longer have “the common disadvantage” on your side. You see, according to Mr. Young, those individuals who end up winning all the time tend to have faster computers, and thus, they have an unfair advantage. In a way, Mr. Young is right; binary options is all about timing. In a fraction of a second, profits can turn into losses. But Mr. Young goes downhill after this, as it seems that his greed to feed his hungry bank account is bigger than anything else.

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We Sense Scams from a Mile Away

The HFT Shield scam software is supposedly set to achieve a great success rate every time you opt to utilize it. According to this genius, he discovered scams that were slowing down his trades and were stealing his signals. We really do have to give the creator a hand, as the official page is very convincing. It’s full of engaging information that could make anyone give this program the benefit of the doubt, including some of those individuals who are experts in the field. But as soon as we began to understand how the creator of HFT discovered that scams were slowing down his trades and stealing his signals, we sensed that HFT Shield itself was a scam!

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Howard Young = Fake Name

According to the introductory video, three years ago, Howard Young was supposedly running the New York Stock Exchange as chief executive. But after conducting an investigation on this statement, we found out that the real chief executive retired in 2014. His name is not Howard Young. it is Duncan Niederauer! For this reason, we stand shoulder to shoulder with those people who are referring to this program as a scam. Apparently the pushers of this con job don’t realize that people can use Google to do basic research.

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Customer Support Is Nowhere to Be Found

The creator of the HFT Shield opts to give you a nice talk about why you have been losing so much money, but provides poor customer service, but of course, it is more than certain that you already knew that we were going to say that. It is not a huge surprise at all. It doesn’t live up to the statements that surround it.

Don’t Get Your Email Address Involved

We urge that under no circumstance you provide your email address to the HFT Shield scam team. As soon as you opt to do, your inbox will be bombarded with messages that will pressure you to join their team. A team that is representing a legit auto-trading robot does not take such measures. You have been warned! A team behind a legit auto-trading robot might send emails, but not to the extent that the team behind the HFT Shield scam does to anybody who provides them their email address.

Do Your Homework

It is important that we mention that the HFT Shield team has a couple of people talking positive about this program, but don’t be tricked. These people have been paid to write positive reviews on the HFT Shield forex robot system on their websites. There are a lot of people who have become victims of the HFT Shield, and thus, they are leaving negative reviews on forums. They want their money back, but more than likely, they will never see their money once more; therefore, you have to be extremely careful and do your homework before putting any auto-trading to practice even if you truly feel deep down that it is 100% credible. At the end of the day, you never know. It’s always better to prevent than lament.

Their video lures you in with clips from 60 Minutes – don’t fall for it!


We Are Here to Help Every One of Our Visitors

We have been reviewing auto-trading robots now for some time; therefore, nothing surprises us anymore. We can sense a scam from a mile away. Our main goal is to put scams on blast so that people like you, who just want to find a credible source that will allow them to increase their investments, don’t waste their valuable time and money on them. We are here to serve you in every way that we can. If there is an auto-trading program that has caught your eye, don’t hesitate in contacting us so that we can review it.

HFT Shield Is Not Even Worth One Penny

The creator of the HFT Shield scam really did a really good job on the information he opted to enter for the official page, as he was able to find the adequate words that could make a lot of people join his team, but he doesn’t fool us. If you put his program to the test, you will get scammed and will regret it for a very long time. The HFT Shield is not worth anything. It just wants to unshield your wallet, and run away with it. All of us already saw this coming, but we still wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt, because we have done so with every other program that we have reviewed in the past. Don’t hesitate in adding our website to your favorites, as we are always on the lookout to bring you information on the latest auto-trading robots – the good, the bad and the ugly!

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