Gulliver FX Forex Demo Contest 2014

Join the Gulliver FX Forex Demo Contest  and Win a free world national football team shirt with Gulliver FX

As a football fan, you definitely know how exciting the biggest globally football tournament is (let’s not forget about the excitement of Forex trading!). However, this time we will not be talking about trading, but only the upcoming football event in Brazil.

Is there anything more wonderful than having a high quality football shirt of your favorite national football team in the biggest football event? Yet to say, you can choose your size among the available options. Simply complete registering a free-of-charge demo account with us.

Every week, we will choose a lucky person to send the shirt directly to your door.

The lucky person will be announced on our Social networks page, Facebook and Twitter, on every Monday morning (GMT time).

How to Join the Gulliver FX Forex Demo Contest  

To join the contest open a Demo Account here : Gulliver FX Forex Demo Contest

Eligibility: Those who opened a demo account with us during the specific period of time specified below.

Condition: You need to complete registering a demo account with Gulliver FX. Every week, we will choose a winner at random. Then contact the winner to ask for their details such as delivery address and T-shirt size.

Contest duration: 12/05/2014 – 13/07/2014

Terms and Conditions applied

1. You will be contacted by our Client Service Desk via the email address provided by you in the registration form as soon as the result is announced on social network pages. However, you are advised to actively check on our social network pages.

2. You may only choose 01 among the jerseys or T-shirt of 32 national football teams attending the football tournament.

3. The offer is available from 12th May 2014 to 13th July 2014.

4. Due to the limited stocks, you need to provide us with two possible T-shirt sizes that may fit you.

5. Due to the limited stocks, your T-shirt brand will be chosen by Gulliver FX

6. If your chosen national football team T-shirt is not available, we will send you a world national football team T-shirt.

7. The T-shirt will be sent by post to the address provided by you in the email contacted by our Client Service Desk. In order to ensure the T-shirt to be delivered to you, please provide us with the correct address. Gulliver FX will not be responsible for any undeliverable item when incorrect address is provided or any issues caused by the third party postage service provider.

8. If you do not reply us after 2 working days from the day our Client Service Desk sends you an email, you will not qualify as the winner. The alternative winner will be randomly chosen and announced on our social network pages.

9. Gulliver FX may request you to provide us some pictures taken with the prize. We reserve the right to use these pictures solely for the promotion purpose.

Source : Gulliver FX

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