Guaranteed Payouts Scam: Reviewed


Look around . . . there are countless forex robots that come with guarantees. Most systems turn out to be scams, while a handful turn out to be credible. The following is our review on Guaranteed Payouts scam. This trading robot is not what Victor Langley, who is the alleged developer of it, wants you to believe. This auto-trading robot is not the prince charming of the binary options world. More like an arch villain.

Very Secretive Founder

According to the information about the founder, he is the ex-senior engineer of a global networks company. What is the name of this company that he is talking about? The answer to this question appears to be a secret. Victor appears to not want to share this information with anybody. If he did, he would’ve more than gladly share it in the introductory video that is present on the official website of the Guaranteed Payouts binary options robot. This man claims to be the first individual to ever guarantee the profitability of a system. Oh really . . . where is the proof that can backup this statement?

A Showcase of Fantasy

This so called Victor guy, who we were not able to find, as he does not have any type of social media profile and the company where he used to work at does not exist, decided to provide visitors with a showcase of fantasy. Yes, on the website one will witness fancy vehicles, vacations, and families having fun like there is no tomorrow. They are reflecting that they are living large with the aid of the Guaranteed Payouts software.

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Just by reading the name alone of it, one can easily come to the conclusion that this system is a false one. If they are guaranteeing payouts, then why are there so many negative reviews being left for this program? Since the guarantee did not come about for a lot of people who tried it, what the Guaranteed Payouts’ team should do is give them back the money that they invested. That is the least they can do when they are guaranteeing a payout that ends up not occurring when it is time to get down to business. Have they returned money to users? It appears that they haven’t. If they were to be doing that, there wouldn’t be so many negative reviews being left all over the Internet every day.

Laughable Statement

The introductory video is being narrated by some actor, who states something very funny. He says that the Guaranteed Payouts System relies on the fundamental laws of physics. What in the world is this man talking about? It appears that the team behind this program decided to sit down drunk in the middle of the night with pencil and paper in hand and wrote down a script of what the actor was going to say, in less than 3 minutes. There are other laughable statements throughout the video, that makes one think if the team behind this program has screws loose.

Few Spots Left

According to the second page of the Guaranteed Payouts scam, there are only 90 spots left for you to join. They are telling you that you have to hurry up before the spots are filled. Well, the website has been present for a while, as well as the same number of spots. Yes, the countdown widget is false. One can opt to erase cookies and then visit the website again, and the same number of spots will still be available. It is just a pressure tactic that is highly utilized by systems that want to hurry people into joining because they do not them to start asking themselves questions about the validity of the program that they are thinking about trying. Yes, thoughts about credibility of a system began to surface in one’s brain when one has a lot of time to carefully read information about it. If one stops and thinks about it, at first glance, every system looks like the real deal, which is why analyzing it, from A to Z, is important.

Red Alert

There are many blogs out there that were created by the creators of bogus programs; therefore, they tend to bring positive light to systems that are not worth the time of day, as they know that that is where the money is at for them. From doing so, they receive a cut from the pie. For this reason, everything that one reads on blogs should be given doubt.

Poor ITM Rate

The truth of the matter is that the Guaranteed Payout will not give one a payout at any day of the year, as the ITM (In-The-Money) rate of it is very poor. In order for one to see a meaningful profit taking place, the ITM rate has to be 70% and up. Anything below 70% is not worth the time of day.

The group behind the Guaranteed Payout is currently undertaking the task of a grand email marketing campaign. They know that their days on the Internet are counted; therefore, they are trying to get as many people as they possibly can to invest with their system.

Help Make the Binary Options World Safer

The Guaranteed Payouts is not what “Victor Langley” wants you to believe. Unfortunately, nobody can find out the real name of the founder of this software, as he or she has paid money so that neither his or her real name nor address becomes available to the public. Yes, they can do that! There is no claim on the official website of this system that can be backed by proof, as there isn’t any proof available, hidden or on display. There are other systems out there that have turned out to be credible. Those are the ones that one should want to deal with. On this website, there are many reviews on systems that have turned out to be 100% legitimate, as well as scams you should stay away from. Check them out.

Don’t forget to share this review with everybody you encounter. The more people know about this sketchiness, the safer the binary options industry will be in the future.


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