Golden Binary Profits Reflects More Ashes than Gold


The Golden Binary Profits auto-trading robot has been mentioned several times across the Internet, but don’t fall for it, as it is a scam. The review we recently conducted on it doesn’t reflect any different. When we first heard the name of this software, we truly thought it was a legit program. But we later found out, once we visited their site,, that it’s not the same program that we thought it was. It actually has a very similar name to a forex robot that we found to be legit. When you notice that the name of a new program is very similar to another one that is doing well on the market, it should definitely raise a red flag in your book, as all they are trying to do is to confuse you. Nine times out of ten such operations are a scam.

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Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Bolden Binary Profits Review

One of the things that popped on their website,, is the name of the creator of the Golden Binary Profits trading robot system: Jack Johnson. Why did it catch our attention? Well, we have seen this person before. This person is a paid actor who has appeared in several videos promoting different scams, some of them which we have already reviewed. This is truly unbelievable. The million dollar question is how much did this actor charge to pretend that he was the creator of this system? One thing is for sure, it definitely wasn’t anywhere near $100.00 or $50.00 bucks. In case you were not aware, Internet actors take jobs on a daily basis for $5.00 or $10.00 on micro job sites life Fiverr. It is definitely a very lucrative business that a lot of people are opting to undertake, even if that means that their job is going to result in convincing people to become part of a total scam. More and more actors are being hired to undertake this kind of work. For some reason, none of them have gotten in trouble. For this reason, we are putting Jack Johnson on blast right now. He has earned it due to his hard scamming work.


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forex robot


Golden Binary Profits Is a Total Disaster

After finding out that the person in the video goes hand in hand with binary options robot scams, we already knew we were dealing with junk, but as you know, we definitely give systems the benefit of the doubt so that nobody says that we were unfair in our reviews.

Another marketing tactic that the team behind Golden Binary Profits utilizes is that one of spamming. For no reason whatsoever should you enter your email address on the official website, because as soon as you do, you will start to receive a lot of messages until you give into their offer. One can easily see that the only thing behind this system is a message that states ‘Give Me Your Money Now and then Disappear.’ This program has ‘scam’ written all over it, from A to Z.

Golden Binary Profits’ Customer Service Gets an F

Just like it has occurred with all the other scams that we have reviewed, the customer service that we received from the Golden Binary Profits system was the same: lame. We sent them a very simple question regarding the platform, and we are still yet to receive a reply from them. It is almost a guarantee that we will never hear back from them. That’s okay. We never want to hear back from them anyway. We have had enough on them. Any more information on them will destroy them completely. We surely don’t want that . . . do we? (Let us think about that one for a second.)

Golden Binary Profits Has Scammed a Lot of People 

From what we read, the few people who have placed this system to the test are regretting it, as they went ahead and made an investment, even though the platform is very confusing and nothing is stated in a way that reassures. Nobody that we know of gained a penny from putting the Golden Binary Profits platform to the test. The only positive reviews that you will find on the Golden Binary Profits system will be those that come from paid actors. Normal people we talked to who have already put it to the test have given it two thumbs down.

Their entire hackneyed video just screams ‘con job!’


The Golden Binary Profits signals is 100% a scam. Why is the official page still available for viewing? This is something that we don’t comprehend one bit. It’s like everybody is throwing rocks at it, but the creator of it still doesn’t get it that he should just shut it down and get himself a real job rather than opting to scam people who are just trying to invest in something that is going to provide positive outcomes. Maybe he’ll get it with this review.

Nowadays, Anybody Can Call Anything “Legit”

Don’t worry, as this website was created to help inform on the auto-trading robots that are the best option on the market at the moment. There are numerous of options out there right now; therefore, you definitely have to do your homework before placing any of them to the test, because anybody can build a software and a website and call it “legit.”

Golden Binary Options: A System That Reflects More Ashes than Gold

As you can conclude, the Golden Binary Options reflects more ashes than gold; therefore, we highly suggest that you avoid engaging in it. It’s a total waste of time. Please inform your friends about it. Spread the word about this review. That is the only way you can help the community place a stop on this scammers who don’t care about anybody but making their wallet grow with money of innocent victims.

Don’t hesitate in adding our website, to your favorites. Reviewing programs to find out which ones are worth one’s times is something that we definitely take very seriously. We tend to review programs quite often; therefore, we invite you to visit us every now and then so that you can always be on the know of what’s occurring on the market and to know which programs best meet your needs and wants.

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