Gold Trade Microsystem Scam: No Glitter for this Trading Robot


Every day, we are on the lookout for the latest binary options robot that is causing heads to turn. This time around, the Gold Trade Microsystem scam seems to be the one that is causing headlines. Don’t think that we are talking about positive headlines. This program has been receiving negative reviews on different online platforms, which made us come to the conclusion that we were more than likely going to deal with a scam, and we were definitely not in an error, as the review that we conducted on it proved this assessment quite definitively.

Gold Trade Microsystem Review: Help People by Sharing This

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##########   UPDATE   ##########

Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Fake Cambridge Professor 

One of the first things we search for when reviewing a forex robot is the name of the founder. Why? Well, knowing this information can definitely aid us in knowing about the validity of the auto-trading robot that we are reviewing. For one, we can become aware if the individual who created the system is an expert in the field. Of course the first thing that gives away the signs of a scam is that the “professor” on their video is an actor who has appeared on a great many such websites before:

Yup, this guy is an actor, not a “professor”

forex robot

But since we are feeling generous, let’s give these guys the benefit of the doubt and assume they hired an actor to stand in for a real professor. According to the Gold Trade Microsystem’s official website, that professor is one Justin Hudson, a supposed Cambridge lecturer. We conducted a bit of digging in order to find out if this Justin Hudson guy really exists. We literally searched for almost an hour trying to see if there is a link between Justin Hudson the Cambridge professor to the Gold Trade Microsystem, but we were left empty-handed. Mr. Hudson is nowhere to be found. There is absolutely no man with this name who is a Cambridge professor nor an expert in the binary options field.

Due to the Gold Trade Microsystem’s team lying to the people about the real name of the founder of the system, it definitely demonstrates that they are not to be trusted. It is a huge red flag that you should never take lightly. If they lied about the name of creator of the program, you can just imagine how many other lies they are going to pull on one who falls for their bogus system due to trusting them solely on their words.

So Many Positive Reviews . . . Oh My

We noticed right away the numerous of positive reviews and testimonials that are present on the site, by supposedly “successful members.” The question here is ‘how can that be?’ You see, after we conducted a bit of more digging, we found out that the website has been present since February 4, 2016; therefore, there is no way that they were able to lure so many individuals in a short period of time. Here is a Whois snapshot:

binary options robot


More Scam Signs: Fake Testimonials Everywhere

Right off the bat, we saw how the individuals in the video testimonials looked like actors and talked like actors, and we were not wrong at all, as these people are definitely actors. The Gold Trade Microsystem’s team hired them from the marketplace. We recognized one of the actresses; her name is Sarah Jackson from Philadelphia, PA. We recognize her because there have been other bogus system teams that have utilized her services in the past. For just $5.00 USD, anybody who is anybody can get her to lie in front of a camera. She is definitely providing a “top-notch” service at a very cheap price.

For those of you who are not aware, the marketplace has turned into a total pain for the binary options field, as there are many people on there like Sarah Jackson who are providing fake testimonials to questionable individuals who represent auto-trading robots. There are many people who are believing in her words; therefore, they are falling for the program that she is promoting.

We Give It Something . . .

We give these fraudulent people some props for the high quality website that they have established, as it looks like a website that should belong to a legitimate system, but too bad that the Gold Trade Microsystem is a program that is not worth one penny. They will disappear from the map, but how long will it take? It all depend on us as a community, which is why when we post a negative review on a certain system, we urge all of you to share it with everybody you know.

Count-Down Widget Appears Once Again . . .

We definitely hate this pressure tactic. Why? Well, every bogus system uses it. It is the most annoying pressure tactic, as it is over used. The Gold Trade Microsystem’s team decided to use it. You will notice that there is a message indicating how many “licenses are left,” meaning that you should better hurry up because there a lot of people who are on right now trying to jump into the Gold Trade Microsystem wagon. You will notice that the number of the supposed licenses left will begin to rapidly drop down as soon as you are on the homepage. It will stop until it informs you that there is only once license left. If you opt to delete your cookies and visit the page again, you will realize that there is still more than 1 license left.

With all of the above in mind, have a laugh at their fake professor video


Push This One Aside and Try Something Else

As you can already tell from reading this review, the Gold Trade Microsystem scam is a scam and gives a terrible name to the online-trading field. Even though this system is fake, there are other auto-trading robot systems that are very far from being that. If this is your first time here with us, then we should notify you that this website does not only provide you with information about which forex robots and brokers are scams, but also which auto-trading robots are worth your attention. There are many robots that have demonstrated good track records with automated trading. We invite you to try them out. To know which ones we are referring to, please browse our site and read some of our positive reviews.

In addition to trading robot reviews, remember that we also have the most comprehensive updates on forex bonus and other broker rebates. So check back at our site often!


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