FXTM -The Forex Factor Demo Contest

Forex Time (FXTM) is offering new traders the opportunity to test their skills in a competitive yet risk-free environment in The Forex Factor demo contest. The Forex competition encourages entrants to achieve the highest percentage of simulated profits (versus deposits) using their demo accounts. The lucky winner of The Forex Factor will receive $3000 credit in a live FXTM trading account whilst runners up will enjoy rewards from a $2600 prize pool!

Contest Dates: – December 1st and December 12th

Registration last date: – October 31st

Available to: – All Clients

Sign up for the contest here: FXTM -The Forex Factor demo contest

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Contest – Terms and Conditions


  1. The Competition will run for the period between 1st December 2014 to the 12th December 2014 (24:00 EET) (the “Competition Period”). The Company shall have right to extend the Competition Period at its own discretion.
  2. Every individual is only allowed one entry in the Competition.
  3. Following registration, your specific credentials for the FXTM demo platform will be sent to your registered email address provided. Upon commencement of the Competition Period FXTM will provide all contestants USD 100,000 virtual money to be used for the contest. The demo accounts will all be denominated in USD. No further deposit in the demo account shall be permitted.
  4. Upon the commencement of the Competition, the Contestants can trade as they wish during the Competition Period provided that positions remain open for at least 5 minutes to form part of the trades which will be considered in the calculation set out in point 8.1 below when determining the winner of the Competition. All
  5. Open positions in the applicable demo account as at 23:59 on 12th December 2014 (EET), shall be closed by the Company at the last quoted price on FXTM demo MT4 Trading platform. Long positions will be closed at the bid price and short positions will be closed at the ask price.
  6. The prizes that are available for distribution are set out in the “Prize” column of the below table. The prizes will be credited to the contestants live trading account and are eligible for withdrawal upon the completion of the respective lots in the “Minimum Lots Traded” column corresponding to the amount of the prize as set out in the below table. Only positions which remain open for at least 5 minutes will form part of the Minimum Lots Traded. Upon completion of the required lots the Client will be eligible to withdraw any balance available in his trading account.
  7. The prizes are non-transferable, non-exchangeable or non-convertible and can be withdrawn by the contestant only upon successful completion of the Competition’s Trading Terms.
  8. The Competition is applicable to Forex and precious metals only and applicable to MT4 Standard Accounts only. Any changes shall be at the discretion of FTXM without any prior notice.
  9. The same IP address is used by two or more contestants or uses anonymous HTTP/socks proxy-servers for trading in the Competition;
  10. Contestants using expert advisor on their demo account may be disqualified if the Company suspects that contestant attempted to abuse, defraud or manipulate or other forms of deceitful or fraudulent trading activity in the Competition or acts in bad faith or in a manner that is not in the spirit of the Competition.

Forex Contest Source: – FXTM Broker

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