Bonus Details: – Deposit from 100$ to 1000$ and receive 100% BONUS to your trading account.

Bonus Dates: – 2014 All year

Bonus page Link: – FXPREMAX BONUS 100

FXPREMAX BONUS 100% ON DEPOSITS – Terms & Conditions

1.100% Bonus Promotion is valid until 01.09.2014.

2. 100% Bonus will be expired and nullified from the client’s MT4 account after 1 month from being added to this account. In case if the client’s balance/equity after 1 month from  being added to his/her Bonus Account is less than the initial 100% Bonus amount credited to his account, the remaining balance will be nullified from his/her trading balance. (The Bonus Account balance cannot be in minus).

3. By receiving 100% Bonus client accepts T&C of this promotion.

4. The 100% Bonus Promotion is applicable to both existing and new FXPremax clients.

5. Existing FXPremax clients are eligible for the 100% Bonus Promotion only for the new opened MT4 accounts with 0 balances.

6. The 100% Bonus applies only to 100% Bonus Account type. Clients can open 100% Bonus Account from the FXPremax Cabinet (https://cabinet.fxpremax.com/)

7. The 100% Bonus can be added once and only to one type of FXPremax trading accounts opened by the client during the promotion period.

8. The 100% Bonus can be added to the client’s trading account balance only after receiving by FXPremax client’s deposit in the range from 100 USD to 1000USD.

9. The 100% Bonus cannot be withdrawn unless the client has achieved [bonus amount / 5] standard lots of trading volume in his account. For example: deposit 1000 $ get – 1000$ bonus; this bonus can be withdraw only in case if a client has achieved 1000/5 = 200 lot

10. The profit gained during the 100% Bonus promotion period can be withdrawn at any time. However, the amount of the 100% Bonus previously added to the client’s trading account will be nullified after the profit withdrawal.

11. So-called “reverse trading” (internal arbitrage) on bonus accounts is strictly prohibited.

“Reverse trading” denotes opening the same position in reverse directions on 2 or more bonus accounts. E.g. open 0.1 lots BUY on EURUSD in one account and 0.1 lot SELL on EURUSD in another at the same time. The Client acknowledges that such accounts will be blocked, and bonuses and profits will be canceled.

12. The 100% Bonus Promotion cannot be combined with any other ongoing FXPremax Promotions and Bonuses.

13. Any situation not described in these rules shall be subject to the FXPremax decision.

14. FXPremax has the right to cancel and/or modify the 100% Bonus Promotion at any time without prior notification.

Source & Terms :- FXPremax as on 07/19/2014

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  1. Frank says

    Since it absolutely relies upon your broker. On the off chance that any broker doesn’t pay most minimal trading spreads then as much you procure it doesn’t that much give you productive. That is the reason I am with FXPremax. They are giving me most reduced spreads office and furthermore moment self refund framework. Forex market has additionally spreads like all business market. To decide the benefit of forex exchange and brokers it assumes a vital part. What forex broker pays it is near the real price. Numerous broker think about this spreads while picking their broker.

  2. Juan says

    It is feasible for the web. Before beginning worldwide market trader did there trading from the sanctuary of any brokerage house. However, now a days trader simply open an account online with a broker and began forex trading. As I did it with FXPremax. As the world is getting worldwide and forex trading is online based business forex market is getting approach step by step. Numerous broker have electronic trading stage for their traders through PC or through portable application.

  3. Joan says

    This is the unavoidable issues for each forex traders that where to get most dependable and gainful forex signals! It’s anything but a major issue for double traders. In any case, in forex it is essential and viable. From my trading background I might want to prescribe FXPremax this may assist you with getting best flags for your business. They likewise gives access to free forex signals from the earliest starting point of the business. Furthermore, the most energizing thing is there are no month to month expenses or participation membership charges or commission on benefits.

  4. Jenis says

    As I am a scalper, my inclination is a managed trading broker which I got from FXPremax. This broker is best to scalp incorporating most reduced trading spreads in their trading stage. A broker can absolutely influence in trading consequence of a trader. That is the reason it is the most vital advance in forex trading. Particularly new traders thought that it was exceptionally troublesome. Each trader should choose those broker which most nearly runs with their trading idea.

  5. Jason says

    The most significant piece of this business is broker choice. Every last trader will concur with me that they have additionally discovered many-sided quality while picking their broker. In any case, I have thought of this urgent part and now trading with FXPremax. They are best for boundless measure of open positions. Forex trading is the well known business from which one can procure colossal measure of cash. In the meantime this is extremely unsafe business.

  6. Harry Louis says

    Forex trading is a very risky business. Many people don’t have the faith in forex because many traders losing money from here. Still, I have believed in forex because I have already earned a good amount of profit from this business. Though the journey was not stable and very risky I had a good support from my broker FXPremax who helps me to earn profit consistently. They have also given me a 100% bonus on joining their platform.

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