FX ARENA – Unlimited Forex Contests 24/5

FX ARENA – Unlimited Forex Contests 24/5

The FX Arena is both innovative and completely unique in the world of forex. It features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to get started and take part.

Traders can put their trading skills to the test and discover new ways to earn from the international currency markets.

There are hundreds of contests available to choose from, with a rich variety designed to suit all tastes and styles.

By opening an FX Arena Account, you can gain full access to the FX Arena and take part in as many contests as you like, as often as you like.

FX Arena

Features and Benefits

  • Choose the number of participants
  • Choose the starting time of a contest
  • Choose duration from 15 min – 1 month
  • Choose the instruments to trade
  • Numerous contests are available at any given
  • Take part in multiple contests simultaneously
  • Multiple winners guaranteed
  • Use your computer or smartphone to trade

The Big Big $50,000 Contest

  • The Big Big is our flagship event with a guaranteed prize pool of at least $50,000. This is however, just the beginning because as more traders register to take part, the prize pool will keep growing with no limits on how big it can get.
  • Normal registration opens 6 weeks before the contest begins. Late registrations are also accepted within the first 3 days of the contest’s duration, which is great when you want to join the action after it has started.
  • Top upsand a Push up are also available at specific periods during the contest, and can provide a means of recovery or even a significant competitive edge, particularly when used in conjunction with each other.
  • For more information, you can review: http://www.fxarena.com/special-contests/big-big

The Big Small $10,000 Contest

  • The Big Small is a very affordable special contest that guarantees a generous prize pool of at least $10,000.
  • Over a period of 2 weeks, participants of The Big Small battle it out for the real cash prizes on offer.
  • There is no limit on how big the prize pool can get, meaning that what might start out as great, could quickly become incredible.
  • Registration opens early, 6 weeks in advance, giving you plenty of time to make sure you have a place in the battle. If you do forget to register ahead of time, don’t worry, as late registrations are also available in the first 3 days of the action.

The Big Free $1,000 Contest

  • The Big Free is a hugely popular contest with traders everywhere because it pays out real cash prizes, and yet is entirely free to enter.
  • The contest has duration of 4 days and allows late registrations within the first 3 days after it starts.
  • Everybody is entitled to take part for free each week and with a new Big Free contest starting every week, it’s perfect for people that are new to the FX Arena.
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