FX Arena’s Big Mini Forex Contest: Weekly Prizes of $5,000


FX Arena is running got Big Mini Forex contest Series and every week there is prize money of $5,000 USD for all the traders. FX Arena is having this contest so that traders can have more money for trading. Not only this Big Mini contest, but it is also having other contests which are One vs One, Big Big, Big Free and many more contests for the year 2016. It seems that FX Arena has become a broker which regularly wants to give away money to the best traders. Know about the Big Mini Forex contest which is one of the most attractive contests of FX Arena.

FX Arena has MT4 platform for Windows, Mac, iPad, Android etc and that’s why trading with this broker is very easy.

FX Arena’s Big Mini Forex Contest Details

This contest is a series of forex contests giving traders the opportunity to win $20,000 and there is a weekly prize pool of $5,000. One of the good things is that Big Mini contest is for existing clients as well as new clients can participate in this contest. Traders ending up with the highest profit % will win this weekly contest.

How to Take Part in Big Mini Contest?

There is no need to deposit money, but you’ll need to pay a fee. Do follow the below mentioned steps as then only you’ll be able to get an opportunity to get something from $5,000 prize pool.

  1. Make a new account if you’re not an existing client of FX Arena.
  2. Pay the fee of $6 to take part in Big Mini contest.
  3. Try to end up with the highest profit % for winning the contest.

Terms and Conditions for Participants of Big Mini Contest

  1. All clients can take part in this contest by paying the fee of $6.
  2. Withdrawal conditions have not been mentioned and that’s why it is at the discretion of FX Arena.
  3. The duration of this contest is one week and the contest starts on every Wednesday.
  4. Minimum 15 registrants is a must and the leverage is 50:1.
  5. Forex, Gold and Silver are the instruments which clients can trade.
  6. FX Arena can change or terminate the Big Mini contest at any time.

Big Mini contest of FX Arena is definitely an impressive contest as there is prize money of $5,000 every week. Many traders have already won serious prize money and hence you should try to make the best use of this opportunity. FX Arena is going to have such type of contests with very good prize money regularly in the year 2016 and that’s why you should keep visiting FX Arena’s website.

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