Fortress Fund Review; Is the FX Hedge Group A Scam?

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Fortress Fund Binary Options Trading System

The newest forex trading system to hit the market is the Fortress Fund. We were notified about this and we beta tested it to provide information to our users who are interested in using the software. After test running the app, we can confirm that Fortress Fund software is not a scam. If you read our review, you would discover that it is one of the safer tools you can use to read the market successfully.

The software is a fairly reliable money making system created by a seasoned trader, Jack Martin. A fully automated app, the software has gained worldwide recognition. This is evident that it is authentic software. It was designed in such a way that it spots out the most fruitful trades for you, and places an automated order if you prefer that. The potential to make an excellent profit is there if you use the software for your trading and use prudent money management; In other words, don’t dump your life savings into trading but only small amounts to start and then build up from your profits.

Fortress fund app has different features, and it can coach traders on how to trade and improve on his earnings. My FX book coaches prospective traders on how to earn money through the system. Users derive real alerts, and it sends it to every trader that subscribed to the system. If you use the alerts, it sends to you, making thousands of dollars within a few weeks is within the realm of possibility.

Jack Martin is a reputable trader, and he brought all his experience and knowledge in creating the fortress fund software. Thousands of users have already joined the system, because of the high success rates it has recorded. It delivers free and accurate signals, which surpass the results from most other robots. Only a few other robots that we have reviewed, like Dow Jones Focus Group, is in the same ballpark.

Fortress fund system is designed in such a way that anybody can easily use it. The most interesting thing about it is that you can develop a stream of passive income with little or no efforts on your own part. It was designed to mitigate many of the risks involved in this type of market. All these were possible because of the great features.

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Fortress fund features

The major factor that makes fortress fund unique is its features. It was simplified such that a newbie can use it without difficulties. It delivers profitable signals. Reviews have recorded at least 89 percent winning rates. It was designed to detect price movement.

Everything you need to know about fortress fund is contained in their main video. When you study the video narration, it would coach you about the software, and how to use it to make money for you. My FX book reviews show that it can take you by the hands, and teach you how to make money. It can help you analyze your trading account, discover the cause of your failures, and teach you how to improve your earnings. My FX book can help you to study the trading pattern of expert traders, and you can even listen to them. It provides a community of professional traders, and the aim is to make all its users become successful.

When you use the system, you do not need to waste your time in researching the market, the software would do everything for you. The work is simplified for you; just follow the signals as provided to you. Within a short time, you can see thousands of dollars hitting your live trading account.

You can fund your account through Knight Capital Market. When you fund the account, you can start to monitor the app’s performance.

Fortress funds software advantages

Fortress fund app has gained worldwide attention, because of the unique benefits it confers to its users. Here are some of the advantages you can derive from the software:

High profits: there is the potential to make enormous money using the software. It was designed to predict price movement successfully. It does away with many of the risk factors involved in the trade and that is why investors can make money easily. Many tests we have tracked from other traders show a winning rate anywhere between 89 to 93 percent.

Reliable brokers: the major difficulty people encounter in binary options market is choosing the right broker. Fortress funds allows you to use some of the most trusted and accepted brokers on the market. You are sure that your investment is secured and that any profits you make through the system are yours to keep. You can fund your account through Knight Capital Market.

Transparency: the most important thing that sets this software apart from others is its transparency. You can discover the names of all traders.

Effective customer support: Fortress fund software provides 24 hours support 7 days of the week. Anytime you have a problem with your trade, be sure that you will get support from the system.

Mobile friendly: you can use the fortress fund in any operating system such as a laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phones and so on. This means that you can use the software as you move.

Is fortress fund software a scam?

Fortress fund software is not a scam. It is one of the most reliable softwares you can use as it predicts the market successfully. The software is transparent. You can observe other traders as you use it. Jackie Martin the creator is well known as far as the binary options market is concerned. He has lots of knowledge and experience of the market. They provide effective customer support; this means that you can always contact them for help when you face serious challenges. It is certainly not a scam.


Fortress fund is free. You can receive trading signals free. However, before you begin to make money, you have to fund your live trading account. The least you can spend to fund that account is $3000. The money you make after you make the investment can be quite high, given the app’s current trading record. If you are looking for a trading method, you can rely on fortress fund.


Fortress fund is indeed revolutionary software. Many traders have made tremendous amount of money using the system. The trading app is recommended for everybody who is serious about their trading careers.

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  1. Gradin says

    Using it for a few weeks. So far so good, with some modest gains. Certainly better than my manual trading attempts last year!

  2. Paul says

    Do not believe any of the lies about Fortress fund.
    All they want is to get your money the their software is messed up edging all positions opened please tell me how you would profit from that, and they never call you call is always been answered by receptionist who promise you will be called and nothing after. see below my recent mail sent to them I have more previous email. waiting for reply to this. update will follow, Please learn from me

    I wonder why is it so hard to get to speak to someone on the phone both on knight capital and Fortress Fund and you left lots of numbers which never work.
    I asked to discontinue my account with Fortress fund on the 3rd of December and on the 4th they opened new positions which were all edged. on the 11th/ 12th I complained again that I needed my account discontinued at this point the open positions were gaining $306 and balance of 3371.96, I don’t need their profit all I needed was my $3000 that i opened with.
    Checking this morning I realised they have opened 4 new positions AGAIN!!, on 16 and 17 December, (what kind of a messed up organisation will not respect the decision of client). to make it more interesting with the positions they opened which are edged they have put the account on minus ($ – 1084),
    Who are these people?
    this is not right and you cant be doing this to people

  3. Luis says

    Just to be quite clear about this fund: I was one of the fools that bought the whole “3 year performance” thing and impressive returns and all that. Within weeks of having funded the account, I noticed the guys were way above their historical drawdown. I emailed them asking about their money management systems in place, and why the hell they were allowing that to happen. They reply I received from Ethan Cooper (the “trade desk manager”, if he really exists) was the following

    As previously expressed, this correspondence is intended to serve as a courtesy reminder that such activity is entire customary and normal aspect of participating within any managed account program. On an intra-month basis, it is an inherent aspect of the standard “ebb and flow” of a managed account in conjunction with the ongoing and dynamic nature of market prices and daily behavior as we move through our customary “profit cycles”.

    “As you are further aware, these temporary draw down periods only occur every 5-6 months in between our customary and consistently ongoing profit cycles. Therefore, your patience and professional courtesy as our Trade Manager initiates an expedited recovery and new levels of customary success remains genuinely valued and appreciated. As always, the upcoming Holiday Season often times poses slow periods of trading as market liquidity winds down toward year-end as well.”

    One week after that the account was +150% at some moment. I though “Damn, these guys are good, but why the hell aren´t they closing the wining positions, as the profit was far exceeding the average monthly win”. That night I went to bed with an unrealized profit of 4500 USD (from an initial account of USD 3,000).

    The next morning (yes, 8 hours later) I opened the platform and realized that the account was on $0!!! YEs, USD 0.00!! The “fund” had turned a nice profit into a complete loss!!! I was pretty pist off about it and email the trading desk (same guy as before) to ask what they had done. His reply was the following:

    “I sincerely appreciate your patience and professional courtesy in awaiting a comprehensive response to your important concerns. That being said, and when considering the current issue at hand, it will be necessary to recognize, acknowledge, and understand the fact that we are participating within the most risk-abundant, highly volatile financial market in existence during a time in which we are currently enduring a global economic Depression and underlying climate of unprecedented nature on a worldwide scale since the Great Depression.

    As such, we have recently experienced inevitably difficult market conditions, based on unprecedented interest rate changes for the first time since 2008. This has transpired on a magnified scale, which has catalyzed unfavorable results uncharacteristic of the achievements the Fortress Fund Trade Managers contracted to oversee the program, as well as all global asset managers, have experienced within a customary economic climate during ideal market conditions. Within such an atypical world environment, unorthodox losses oftentimes result in ultra-aggressive, overly speculative novelty programs such as Fortress Fund.

    This unfortunate development has combined with your account having experienced severely inopportune market-entry timing in proximity to the initiation of this recent unfavorable market state.

    On that note, I find it very important I address your important concern in comprehensive fashion. The Fortress Fund Manager was utilizing a very sophisticated, methodical employment of positional hedging within client accounts so as to effectively mitigate what otherwise would have been an instantly catastrophic, adverse price movement across all major currency pairs. When hedges are in place, equity remains intact.

    Of course, it is a physical impossibility to successfully accomplish negative trade eradication without the necessary periodic release of said hedge positions in strategic fashion at prospective turning points in price action so as to allow corrective price moves to neutralize open draw down while being offset by realized profits generated through the aforementioned hedge orders. When hedges are released, it is necessary to allow price movement to “breath” and illustrate directional bias.

    Furthermore, pending re-hedge orders must be strategically placed at selective points far enough in proximity to important support or resistance levels to ensure any re-entry into the hedge is not made in vain. Therefore, equity will bleed in nominal, successive amounts until the proper, successful corrective point is reached. Under typical market conditions, the average trend-based price movement which would necessitate the employment of positional hedging lasts but 1-3 days and requires no greater than 1-3 hedge releases prior to successfully identifying the correct turning point necessary to remove clients from trades intact.

    Unfortunately, we have been faced with an astoundingly resilient multi-day directional trend based price movement of unparalleled nature resulting from these FOMC announcements. Your account did not sustain the necessarily successive (and extensive within these circumstances) release attempts and equity “bleeds”.

    We continue to face a global economic climate of unparalleled proportions since the Great Depression and have chosen to participate within the most volatile, risk prevalent market out of all the financials. As such, and when combined with notoriously thin, unfavorable summer market conditions and a unique disconnect of customary inter market behavioral correlation losses uncharacteristic of standard performance within ideal conditions do occur.

    Although it will be no consolation to your frustration, it is of paramount importance you understand that we have endured, as a world society and global investors, a first-time global market climate and world economic condition absolutely unmatched in decades. This marks a unique juncture in this Manager’s 3 year record flawless aggressive trading.

    Based upon our longstanding, personalized communication with one another, I’m confident you will recognize the fact that I am sincerely regretful of having had clients, including yourself, eliminated from market participation. Your ongoing recognition and understanding of current conditions as well as the unwavering state of my dedication with the sincere best interest of clients at heart is both valued and appreciated.

    For these reasons, I must reiterate that I am genuinely apologetic in having to inform you that the majority of your risk capital was depleted by the Fortress Fund Manager.

    Fortunately, the broker’s Negative Balance Protection saved your account from total depletion and automatically stopped-out the trading at 90%.”

    In other words, very sophistically BS to say they screw it up….but hey “you only lost 90%”!. I mean, WTF!!!! Honestly, a blind monkey might have excited those positions quicker than these guys.

    However this is not the worse of all. Upon reviewing the trades, i found out that there were “closed trades” that had never appeared on the platform at any moment. And they were easy to spot. For example, a short trade on the GBPUSD was open on the 17.12, and closed on the 23.12 with a negative swap. Then there were “other” transactions with the same pair (also GBPUSD) that were short, opened and closed on the same dates…but had NO swap. I had been checking the open positions in the platform and those transactions were never there in the first there.

    My only conclusion is that Fortress FX fund has some kind of arrangement with Knight Capital to have a sort of revenue share scheme. Whatever the customer looses, they split it 50-50% (if they are not the same company). Previously, they had made this public campaign to get clients to trade with them. Isn´t it just was too “coincidential” that right after they get millions in deposits they loose all their clients money??

    I hope this serves as a warning to trade with Fortress FX Fund.

  4. Arthur says

    Back in december 2015 lost more then 18k in open positions because they didn’t closed the GBP open positive positions! Intitial deposit lost 4000 euro! Hope one day this scammers or dumb fools end up in jail!

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