Friends and Forex Contest by FOREXstart – Compete and Win


FOREXstart has come with a special Friends and Forex contest which will allow you to compete with your friends for winning a decent amount for trading. Traders trust FOREXstart as it is the exclusive representative of Profiforex Corp in Russia and it is even allowing trading through their phone desk. By using MetaTrader 4, you’ll be able to do trading easily as well as you get technical analysis. Know about the Friends and Forex contest if you’ve got friends who want to take part in a special contest.

Friends and Forex Contest Details

This contest is for a minimum of 5 friends who want to compete with each other. Duration of a contest is from a week to one week depending upon you and then the winner gets selected. The winner wins a prize of $2* number of participants and a winner should send a request for the prize. It is a very easy contest to participate in and you may end up having a good experience of trading with your friends on the other side.

How to take part in Friends and Forex Contest?

You need a minimum of 5 people for taking part in this special contest of Friends and Forex. Follow the below mentioned steps and win a good prize money.

  1. Bring together total 5 people as it is one of the requirements for participating.
  2. Take a photo with all the people with FOREXstart banner.
  3. Each one in the group needs to open a real account in FOREXstart’s DTs and deposit $5 in every account.
  4. Send FOREXstart the list of real accounts.
  5. Fill the form available at the FOREXstart’s website for participating in Friends and Forex contest.
  6. Duration of the contest varies from a week to one month and after the contest send a photo of the winner with FOREXstart banner for claiming the prize.

Terms and Conditions of Friends and Forex Contest

  1. Minimum of 5 people required to participate.
  2. Sending a photo together with FXstart banner is a must; while for claiming prize send the photo of the winner.
  3. One account can participate for only 1 time in Friends and Forex contest.
  4. Traders can refill account using any payment system, but not by using W1 or account transfer.
  5. Refilling the accounts taking part in this competition from one purse is impossible.
  6. Winner should have made at 10 least 10 transactions and at least double his account for claiming the prize.
  7. All the traders should trade from different computers.
  8. A curator needs to be appointed as he will be the person getting information on his email id. Curator need to have a real account.

Every group may not get approved for this contest of FOREXstart. If FOREXstart approves the group, then they send a particular code for receiving the prize or otherwise the cause of failure gets mentioned.

Friends and Forex contest of FOREXstart is a very unique contest giving friends opportunity to start trading together. A good thing is that traders can select duration of the contest. Remember that you can’t refill your account again and that’s why you should try to achieve the highest balance for winning this contest against your friends.

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