Bonus on Deposits Up to 100% from Forex-Metal


Forex-Metal is now giving bonus on deposits up to 100% which is an attractive offer. This deposit bonus program is for the entire year 2016 and you can deposit up to 200,000 USD and more for getting the maximum bonus. The maximum bonus amount varies as per the deposit made by the Forex-Metal client. Know that how much bonus you can get on deposits done in Forex-Metal account as well as the important conditions that apply on depositors.

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Bonus on Deposits Program Details

All the existing as well as new clients can get bonus on deposits from Forex-Metal. There is no fix percentage as the maximum amount of bonus depends on the amount deposited.

The maximum bonus is of 100% when deposits are up to 500 USD. The bonus gets reduced to 40% for deposits up to 1,000 USD.

The maximum amount of bonus increases when deposit amount is more. Here is the list of maximum bonus that you can get depending upon the amount deposited.

The maximum bonus for deposits up to 3,000 USD is 500 USD.

The maximum bonus for deposits up to 6,000 USD is 1,000 USD.

The maximum bonus for deposits up to 10,000 USD is 1,500 USD.

The maximum bonus for deposits up to 25,000 USD is 2,000 USD.

The maximum bonus for deposits up to 55,000 USD is 4,000 USD.

The maximum bonus for deposits up to 1,00,000 USD is 7,000 USD.

The maximum bonus for deposits up to 2,00,000 USD is 10,000 USD.

If you’ll deposit any amount bigger than 2,00,000 USD, then you’ll get maximum bonus of 15,000 USD.

How to get Bonus on your Deposit from Forex-Metal?

Getting bonus on deposits from Forex-Metal is easy. Know the few steps to follow for getting bonus.

  1. Make a new account with Forex-Metal if you don’t have an account.
  2. Make the deposit as per your budget.
  3. Request for the bonus on your deposit before you open a position.

Terms and Conditions of Bonus on Deposits

  1. One can withdraw the bonus, but one should trade 1 lot for every 10 USD bonus.
  2. Trading leverage depends according to the change of current balance. The minimum leverage and maximum possible leverage are 1:50 and 1:2000 respectively.
  3. Forex-Metal always credits bonus account to the trading account.
  4. One can withdraw funds only when the open positions get closed.
  5. If one withdraws without fulfilling required conditions, then Forex-Metal has right to cancel the bonus amount as well the profit.
  6. This bonus offer is only for forex trades and you can’t trade CFDs.
  7. Clients from India, China and Vietnam can get bonus on deposits only when trading account is loaded by wire transfer.
  8. No client can get bonus more than $15,000 as it is the maximum limit.
  9. Opening of multiple accounts or doing any type of cheating may make you lose your Forex-Metal account.

Bonus on deposits scheme of Forex-Metal is a very good scheme as there is maximum bonus amount limit and the withdrawal conditions are easy to follow. If the current broker that you’re trading with is not giving you good bonus on your deposits, then start trading with Forex-Metal.

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