MFX Margin Bonus 50%

MFX Broker Tradable Bonus 50% + 20% ; Promotion 2015

MFX broker known for providing special bonuses has again come out with some new offers. The most amazing offer is that it is providing tradable bonus which can be used as and when required. Even if you’ll lose your personal funds, you shall be able to trade by making use of the tradable bonus. Know about the latest tradable bonus 50% + 20% offer as it may definitely allow you to make more money even after investing less amount of money.

50% bonus is provided on all the deposits ranging from $100 to $1000. Only 20% bonus is provided on the amount deposited above $1000. So if you’ll deposit $1200, then you’ll be able to get 50% bonus on $1000 and 20% bonus on $200 which will make you get total bonus of $540. Many traders find it amazing to have much more money than they actually deposited in their MFX account.

You may definitely get attracted to trade with MFX broker as the bonus funds can be used as personal funds. Once you lose your personal funds, make sure to use the bonus funds properly for making profits.

Getting this special bonus from MFX broker is very easy as you just need to deposit your account with $100 or the same amount in any other currency. You won’t only be able to trade when your own funds become zero, but you shall also be able to withdraw the bonus funds by trading the required volume.

Bonus Period : 2015 All Year

Joining Link : MFX Broker Tradable Bonus 

 Steps to follow for getting the unbreakable bonus from MFX broker

  1. You’ll need to register personal area immediately at the MFX broker website.
  2. Completing the user certification procedure is the most important thing.
  3. Deposit your MFX account with minimum of $100.
  4. You’ll need to go to personal cabinet and then click on ‘Get Bonus’ in the bonus section.

 Important Conditions for getting tradable bonus from MFX broker

  1. Registration date doesn’t matters as the most important thing is that the account should be a standard account.
  2. Full certification of user is a compulsory thing as otherwise you won’t get the tradable bonus from MFX broker.
  3. Maximum bonus which one can get from MFX as tradable bonus is 5000 USD or the equivalent amount in other currency.
  4. You won’t get the bonus if you’ll deposit amount lesser than 100 USD.
  5. Bonus accounts come with maximum credit leverage of 1:200, while the minimum stop-out level is 40%.
  6. You need to trade volume which is bonus amount/10 as then only you’ll be able to withdraw the tradable bonus.

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Many traders have liked the 50% + 20% bonus offer as it is an exclusive offer from MFX. Deposit money with MFX before the offer ends as you may not be able to find similar offer in future. MFX wants traders depositing more money to have extra money in their account so that they will be able to get success.

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