Hy Markets Cash Bonus 10 % and 25% Trading Credits

Hy Markets, a broker having multiple global jurisdictions is offering multiple benefits. It always believes in making the traders happy and that’s why it allows to trade at multiple trading platforms. Over the 30 years, it has kept providing different type of bonus schemes to attract traders. The 2 latest offers by Hy Markets are 10% cash bonus or 25% credit bonus. You can choose the benefit which interests you the most.

New clients opening an account and depositing funds get eligible to get 25% credit bonus or 10% cash bonus. It is a good to see that a reputed broker like Hy Markets is offering 2 types of bonus schemes to traders.

Easy access to world’s capital markets gets possible because traders can trade not only using the web-based trading platform, MetaTrader 4 as well as HY MT4 Mobile. There are advanced tools and charts which may definitely help you in earning maximum profits.

Bonus date : 2016 All year

Joining Link : Hy Markets cash Bonus 10 % 

 Terms and Conditions Related to the Bonus Scheme

  1. Only new clients are eligible for the bonus. One will get 25% credit bonus or 10% cash bonus.
  2. Traders should only have one account and it should be deposited with minimum of $500.
  3. Hy Markets allows traders to get bonus up to $5,000 under this promotion.
  4. Free access to trading central for 14 days is the other benefit which new traders will be getting after depositing money in account made at Hy Markets.
  5. Traders are not allowed to combine this promotion offer with any other promotion offer which Hy Markets is running. It is part of the ‘Terms of Business’ of Hy Markets.
  6. Clients getting 25% credit bonus will be required to trade the minimum number of standard lots in a particular time frame. If US$1,000 bonus is provided, then minimum 30 standard lots should be traded within 30 days. Hy Markets can reverse the bonus if the requirement is not fulfilled.
  7. 10% cash bonus is first given in the form of credit bonus. It gets converted into cash only if the client trades 50 lots for every $1,000 bonus award as then only after 45 days the bonus can be converted to cash. The required volume has to be completed within 60 days as otherwise traders won’t be able to withdraw the profits.
  8. Pro account holders are not eligible for the bonus from Hy Markets.

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The promotion offer may definitely make you open a new account at Hy Markets. Opening a new live account at Hy Markets will only take 5 minutes. If you don’t want to invest now, then you can open a demo account at Hy Markets.

Safety Clients Funds Policy and FSCS protection may definitely make you prefer Hy Markets over the other brokers. Dedicated customer service team of Hy Markets always guides traders about the new bonus schemes as well as helps them in trading without any problem.

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