HiWayFX Welcome Bonus 100 % ; Make More Profits by Trading

HiWayFX which has made fast trading a possibility is offering 100% welcome bonus. This is very superb offer as by getting 100% bonus up to $10000 will allow you to trade more and gain more profits. You’ll be able to do 2 minute trades at HiWayFX which will provide you with unique trading experience.

One of the reasons to join HiWayFX should be the reason that it even offers one on one training with experts. Such type of trading is not offered by every trading broker.

 How to Claim Bonus at HiWayFX?

  1. You need to register a account at HiWayFX
  2. Claim Bonus before the bonus ends.
  3. Start trading

Bonus period : 2016 All Year

Available to : New and existing traders

Joining link : Open a Welcome bonus Account 

Some of the Best Reasons to Trade at HiWayFX

  1. It allows unbeatable spreads which is from as low as 0 pips on all the ECN accounts.
  2. HiWayFX understands that you may want the fastest execution so that you’ll be able to do news trading. The fast execution of HiWayFX will definitely make you get the success that you want.
  3. Initial deposit can be as low as 20 USD or 20 Euros.
  4. It gives the option to choose from 66 forex instruments.

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 Important Terms and Conditions for HiWayFX’s 100% Bonus Offer

  1. For getting eligible for the 100% bonus, you’ll need to deposit minimum of $100 or currency which is equivalent. If you’ll deposit any amount lesser than $100, then HiWayFX may not grant you this 100% bonus which you may be awaiting to get for trading higher lots.
  2. USD 10,000 (Or currency equivalent) is the maximum amount of bonus that you’ll be able to claim.
  3. Withdrawing bonus is not allowed by HiWayFX.
  4. Don’t fail to get the bonus by thinking that it will be granted automatically. HiWayFX only gives the bonus to those traders who will claim/request the bonus by making use of the live chat or by sending an email to the finance department at finance@hiwafx.com.
  5. If the below mentioned conditions are fulfilled, then the eligible client’s account will get credited with the bonus within 24 business hours. Here are the conditions that are required to be fulfilled by the traders.

a) The amount available in the client’s trading account should be at least 50% of the amount deposited at the time bonus is claimed. So whenever claiming the bonus, try to ensure that more than 50% of the amount deposited is available in your account.

b) Once the amount is deposited in HiWayFX’s trading account, the bonus should be claimed within 24 hours.

Any previously granted bonus will get deducted if the amount available for withdrawal in the account becomes less than the amount deposited by the account holder.

If due to the losses or withdrawals, the equity amount in your MT4 will become equal or less than 115% of bonus amount, then the bonus will automatically get deducted by HiWayFX.

All the bonuses provided by HiWayFX come with a validity period of 2 months. Once the validity period will expire, the bonus amount provided by HiWayFX will get deducted immediately.

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