FXOptimax Partnership Bonus ; Up to 50% – 2017

FXOptimax which is nowadays giving very good 20% deposit bonus is now offering new type of bonuses. One of the options for clients is to go for the new special bonus which is the ‘Up to 50% Partnership Bonus’. If you’re starting your trading journey by becoming a partner with FXOptimax, then this Partnership Bonus which FXOptimax is providing shall definitely be very useful for you. Know that why this bonus is making people trade with FXOptimax and why it can be the best option for you.

All the FXOptimax active partners are eligible for this special bonus.

This Partnership Bonus is provided according to the total monthly rebate and that’s why partners need to have good monthly rebate. This offer has started from September 2015 and may keep going on to attract traders to become the active partners.

Bonus period : 2016 All year

Joining Link : FxOptimax Partnership Bonus

Available to : New clients

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Is the Bonus Percentage Same?

No, the bonus percentage is totally dependent on the monthly rebate amount.

More the monthly rebate, better will be the bonus percentage that you’ll be able to get.

If the monthly rebate is $500 to $1000, then you’ll be able to get monthly rebate of 20%. For partners having monthly rebate of $1000 to $2000, $2000 to $5000 and more than $5000, the bonus percentage is 30%, 40% and 50% respectively.

 Important Terms and Conditions for 50% Partnership Bonus

  1. Having at least 5 active clients is a must as then only a partner will get eligible for the bonus.
  2. If 50% of the monthly rebated is generated by a single client, then the partner won’t be able to get the bonus. This is an important condition which partners should never forget.
  3. While counting the totally monthly volume, Gold volume is not considered.
  4. This promotion is only for those partners having partners rank from 1 to 4.
  5. VIP partners are not allowed to get any benefit from the Partnership Bonus program.
  6. For claiming bonus, you’ll need to send a request to admin@fxoptimax.com as otherwise you won’t get the bonus which you can withdraw immediately.

If you’re not a partner with FXOptimax, then check out the 20% bonus for deposits.

20% Bonus for Deposits by FXOptimax

20% bonus which is provided by FXOptimax is for clients who want additional margin for trading. The additional margin makes traders make more profits as they have more money in their account for trading.

The 20% deposit bonus can be claimed in 1 MT4 account immediately by making use of the promotion codes mentioned at the website. This bonus is only available for those who are having 4 digits and 5 digits precision pricing accounts.

FXOptimax is making traders as well as partners happy by offering the best bonus to them. Start trading now as these bonus plans may not be available in future. Start trading with FXOptimax and get the profits that you want by trading at their best platforms.

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