FortFS Support Margin Bonus – Know About It

FortFS a known broker is offering unique type of bonuses. One of the bonus programs is the Support Margin Bonus. This is a special bonus as it gives the support to traders for making more money. It is a different type of bonus and the rules also differ as compared to the normal offers by some traders. Know more about this Support Margin Bonus if you’ve been looking for the best bonus offer which can help you in trading.

This special promotion of FortFS has started from 26th October and it is going to last still 27th November. Even in the bad situations when the deposited amount will be lesser than the larger amount, then too this bonus will remain on your account. Most of the bonus promotions don’t allow the deposited amount to be lower than the bonus amount; this is the reason that this bonus offer of FortFS is very unique.

FortFS Support Margin Bonus – Details :

Bonus period : up to 2015 November 27th

Joining Link : FortFS Support Margin Bonus

Available to : New and existing clients

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 Rules and Conditions for the ‘Support Margin Bonus’ which FortFS broker is providing

  1. New clients as well as the old clients of FortFS can opt to get FortFS Support Margin bonus from FortFS.
  2. Minimum amount to be deposited for getting bonus is $25. The bonus amount depends on the amount of money deposited by you. Internal transfers are not counted for granting bonus.
  3. Trader can get the best bonus amount by depositing $400 or more as the bonus amount increases to 15%.
  4. The amount of bonus is limited to 200 USD per account and that’s because some people may make use of bonus in a wrong way.
  5. This special bonus from FortFS is available for Newbie, Star as well as Pro account. You won’t be able to get bonus again and that’s why even someone from your family may not get this bonus as it has been already given to you.
  6. If your account is not verified, then you won’t get eligible to get the Support Margin bonus which FortFS is offering.
  7. One can opt for Support Margin bonus only for one time, while you’ll be able to have only 5 type of active bonuses on 1 profile.
  8. Accounts which have got the Welcome bonus or Deposit bonus won’t be eligible for getting the Support Margin bonus. You shall be able to get the Support Margin bonus only after opening a new account.
  1. 1:5000 is the maximum leverage to receive the special Support Margin bonus.
  2. You shall be able to withdraw Support Margin bonus only after fulfilling the trading requirements.
  3. FortFS may cancel this bonus even after granting it and you shall be only able to get the profits earned by you using the bonus funds.
  4. If you’ll do any fraudulent activities, then FortFS may cancel your account anytime whenever it wants to.

Support Margin bonus is definitely an exclusive bonus from FortFS and you definitely need to opt for it as soon as possible. Traders have been able to make more profits by trading with FortFS and it has also been possible because of this new special bonus.

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