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DF Markets is a highly trusted broker and it allows traders to trade different type of instruments. DF Markets will allow you to do Forex trading, it will allow you to trade in Gold, silver and even CFDs. Even the best trading resources are provided by DF Markets. The new special promotion offer by DF Markets is the 30% trading credit bonus. This bonus offer is been liked by most of the clients of DF Markets. Know everything about the 30% trading credit bonus offer as this offer may end if you don’t try to make use of it immediately.

All the new as well as existing clients can opt for the 30% trading credit bonus. The 30% bonus means that you’ll be getting 30% extra on the amount deposited by you, while the maximum limit is Euros 300. One of the things which may disappointed you is that the 30% trading credit will be available for margin trading for a limited period of one month.

Bonus Period : 2016 All Year

Joining Link : DF Markets Trading Credit Bonus

 Steps to Follow for getting 30% Bonus from DF Markets

  1. Open a new trading account or you can even use the old account that you may be having with DF Markets.
  2. You need to deposit 100 USD/EUR/GBP in your account that you have opened with DF Markets.
  3. For getting the amazing 30% trading credits bonus, you’ll need to contact the customer support representative. Claim bonus by contacting the representative as otherwise you won’t get the bonus.

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 Important Conditions related to the 30% Trading Credit Bonus

  1. Clients who will deposit money in 2016 wil be eligible for bonus. But check their site as the offer may expire soon.
  2. Traders depositing amount lesser than 100 USD won’t be able to get the trading bonus.
  3. Those who are working with DF Markets as well as those who are the family members of such employees won’t be able to get the 30% special bonus.
  4. You shall be able to get bonus in one account only and if you’ll open any other account to get the same bonus, then it may get deleted.
  5. Clients won’t be able to withdraw the 30% trading credit bonus as it is provided only as a margin for trading.
  6. The provided bonus will automatically get debited within a month.

Don’t forget that this promotion offer may expire any time soon. Make sure you try to get bonus up to Euros 300 as it may help you in making more profits.

Forex quotes and educational videos provided by DF Markets are very useful. If you have any questions regarding the DF Markets’s 30% trading credits bonus, you can contact the customer support by 3 options which are live chat, email or phone. DF Markets offer is definitely a good one and the trading credits may help you in making more money than before.

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