FXFINPRO Demo Trading Contest ; Real Prizes up to 500 USD

FXFINPRO Demo Trading Contest – Real Prizes

FXFINPRO Capital which is a successful brokerage company and having Capital European regulation has come out with new bonus offers and special contests. One of the latest contests by FXFINPRO is the Demo Trading content. By taking part in this contest, you’ll be able to win real prizes without investing any amount of money.

Know about the special Demo Trading contest and rules relating to it as it may definitely help you in making more money. You don’t need to worry about investing money as it is a completely free of charge contest.

How to Participate the FXFinPro Demo Trading Contest ?

Participating in the Demo contest is a very easy thing and all traders are allowed. You just need to register at the FXFINPRO website and then visit the contests page. By selecting the contest you want to participate in, you will just need to click on the contest name and then click on ‘Participate‘.

Contest Period : From Nov 2nd 2015 to Nov 30,2015

Joining link : FXFinPRO Demo Contest 

What are the Prizes of the FinFXPro Demo Trading Contest 

Even if there is no investment to be done by traders, the prizes given by FXFINPRO are real money prizes. Highest financial balance will be considered for awarding the winners. The trader with the highest financial balance will get $500, while those getting second and third positions will get $300 and $200 respectively. The prizes will be given to the contest winners within 30 days after the Demo Contest winners are announced.

The contest starts on 2nd November and it will end on 30th November. If you really want to participate, then make an account now itself.

 Important Rules and Information regarding the Demo Trading Contest

  1. The organizer of this Demo Trading contest is PFX Financial Professionals Limited.
  2. This contest is open not only for the current clients, but also for those who’re making a new account at FXFINPRO.
  3. The days on which the contest is going to take place have been mentioned on the website of the organizer.
  4. For any reason, the organizer can cancel or delay a particular stage of the contest.
  5. Maximum leverage allowed is 1:300, while the leverage is lower for some of the individual instruments.
  6. One of the important rules is that the size of the transaction should not be less than 0.01 of the lot, while it should never exceed 100 lots.
  7. Organizer can refuse the registration or even disqualify you at any time of the contest.
  8. Prizes will be provided to any of the verified MT4 trading account of the client. The most important rule is that the account should get verified within 30 days from the date of announcement of the winners by FXFINPRO.

Just have the market awareness and make the best use of your forex knowledge for winning in the FXFINPRO Demo Trading contest. FXFINPRO’s Demo Trading contest is helping many traders in getting experience as well as it is making them receive real money as the award which they can use for trading. Take part now as such type of Demo Trading contests are not arranged regularly.

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