ZARFX Broker Review : Bonus and Offers 2015 or is owned and operated by RGV Media LTD with headquarters in the BVI. The company was established during the end of 2013. Its value and image represent a lot of valuable and sensitive trading conditions that are still lacking within the forex market such as withdrawals, safety of funds and pure honesty with the market conditions. A total of 30+ years of experience from the founders were set and ZARFX maintains its edge and strict regulations about those rules mentioned below.

The company currently has 3 offices around the world with a branch in London, United Kingdom, a headquarter office in Tortola, BVI and finally a new office in Malaysia.

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Account Types:

ZARFX currently provides 2 type of accounts. They are simple to understand and are very competitive among brokers in the forex market.

With its minimum deposit amount for a standard account being $500, traders enjoy top trading conditions within the markets; 1.1 – 1.4 pip spreads.

The institutional account is where the magic happens with a raw spread of around 0.1 to 0.2 pips. ZARFX charges a minimum fee of 2$ per Mio. Outside of that spread. Understandably, this account goes for $10,000 to start with.

All of ZARFX clients’ accounts are segregated within their banks and you can even ask for a proof for that.

DMA Broker:

Important fact here, ECN is most likely older technology than DMA. And ZARFX has DMA type of Forex broker written all over it. ZARFX will be glad to explain the difference with brokers.

Market Differentiation:

It is very important to understand what the real image and arguably the main concern of most experienced traders; the lack honest brokers within the forex market. The company currently uses 3 liquidity providers which enables ZARFX to provide unique and speedy executions under the liquidity provider books. The reason for 3 liquidity providers is most importantly to be able to provide at all times, even during high market volatility, at least 50 Mio. volume on all pairs at all times.

With ZARFX, rest assured that you as a client will receive the real market volatility 100% of the times. It would be unfair for you as a client to think that slippage is something that doesn’t occur, but rest assured that while ZARFX provides 3 liquidity providers, you will receive the slightest of slippages during the high volatile times. ZARFX has market researched on slippages and they have an average of 0.2 to 0.4 pips.

Trading Safety:

Worried about your account going negative? Don’t worry because with ZARFX, not only segregation of the clients’ funds are important but also the negative balance protection plans are placed on each account in order to avoid trading days like what the market experienced during the Swiss franc “black Thursday”.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

24 Hour Withdrawals Policy- ZARFX maintains a high and important core rule and that is with regards with withdrawals. ZARFX realizes that in order to build a good and solid name within this aggressive and competitive market, a broker must provide its clients with the most valuable asset of all- Timing of withdrawals. If your account is not connected to any automated system, the processing of your funds will not be longer than 24 hours (add another 2-7 days to receive the funds).

Currently you can use the most popular methods to withdraw and deposit funds including:

-Bank transfers which can take up to 7 days to receive (deposit/withdraw)

-A bunch of e-wallets including the major ones such as Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, Lavapay, Fasapay, Perfect Money, Okpay and much more.

– Visa and MasterCard, Electron, Maestro and other subordinate credit cards accepted. Also some other credit cards such as American Express and Diner’s Club are also accepted with ZARFX

-Your own ZARFX credit card: If you’d like, ask for a ZARFX debit card which is issued by Master Card. ZARFX works with processing companies that are official partners of Visa and MasterCard for the safety of the funds of the client.

Customer Service:

ZARFX offers an application which enables its traders to receive live market signals.

It also offers whatsapp services along with a live chat support 24H/5 days per week during the most important market times. It was known that ZARFX doubles its live chat support services during the high market volatility times. Chat support is currently provided in English, Malay, Russian, Arabic, French, Italian and Spanish.

The response time of their agents is within 10-20 seconds and you as a forex trader will not have to wait.

Trading Conditions:

This is self-explanatory weather you are an experienced trader or not, having an account with ZARFX will enable you to point all the benefits from your previous broker.


You would consider trading with ZARFX with its pure honesty towards the clients. If you have other previous with other brokers, you can always ask ZARFX what they think about the broker and they will be able to provide you recommendations about that broker. If you are looking for DMA executions, you’ve come the right place.

Also, for money managers, they are able to provide you a custom made account for your trading on behalf of your clients. Speak to them directly and honestly about your plans..

24 hour withdrawals? They have it!


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