Cesartrade.com Forex Broker Review : Bonus and Features

Introducing CaesarTrade.com

CaesarTrade.com was founded in January 2012 to fulfill the role of helping new and established traders to succeed in their trading endeavors. Caesar Trade is headquartered in Te Aro, New Zealand.

Since their conception they have been increasing their global client base and continuing to strengthen the foundation of the company by offering Quality Technology, Personal Service, Useful Information, Ideas and Instructions for traders from all levels.

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Account types

Caesar trade offers Individual, Joint, Corporate and Trust Accounts. Caesar Trade also offers potential investors regular and demo accounts. A demo account is great for those who are just looking into Forex trading, so that they can get a pretty good idea of how everything works without having to risk any of their money.

For new traders, Caesar Trade offers deposits as low as $25 with their exclusive 400% bonus system. New traders are advised to read and understand all terms and conditions for new deposits and bonuses, so as to avoid any misunderstanding and to allow the best possible return on investments.


One of the first things you will notice about Caesar Trade is the ease of navigation and use, especially for beginners who are just getting their feet wet. While we prepared this Caesar Trade Forex Broker Review, we were constantly impressed on how well the site was structured and how easy is to find and use the different tools available to Forex Traders.

Caesar Trade has the feel of a smaller, more personalized Forex broker that is willing to work with its traders in helping them to understand the ins and outs of Foreign Exchange trading as well as Precious Metals, Energy Products and World Indices. No matter what level of trading you do, we have found Caesar Trade is there to help you every step of the way.

There is an on-demand help desk with a live person to answer any questions you might have before, after and during trading sessions as well as some unparalleled forum support where you can get help, tips and learn the tricks of the trade from experts who have already been there.

Trading Software /platform

Caesar Trade utilizes one of the most versatile and most convenient platforms available: MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader 4 is one of the most advanced platforms in the world with leading edge trading and analytical technologies that most other platforms simply cannot offer. Not only does it offer top notch analysis of market trends and online quotes, but it also has interactive charts with 9 periods, which allows you to examine details very quickly in order to respond to price fluctuations and changed as they happen.

While writing the CaesarTrade.com review, we were blown away by the MetaTrader 4’s intuitive interface and the way in Caesar Trade leverages this platform to provide extensive support and help in recognizing market trends and utilizing the best strategies for maximum return on investments.

With over 30 analytical objects and another 30 build-in technical indicators it makes it extremely simple to track quotes and recognize market trends, but there is much more. Caesar Trade helps you to understands and use the various interactive charts that allow you to see at a glance any movement in the market with tools to detect and react to such movement automatically with 9 timeframes.

We noted one particularly useful feature of Caesar Trade and MetaTrader 4, which is the ability to set it up to automatically copy deals of top Caesar Trade investment brokers, so it is really hands free and almost worry free. All you have to do is subscribe to the signal and let the terminal copy all of the trades.

Bonus and promotions

While most competitors offer bonuses that are not redeemable, our CaesarTrade.com review found a nice change in pace with Caesar Trade’s exclusive 400% redeemable bonus. You can also contact Caesar Trade if you do want a non-redeemable bonus, and they will be more than happy to help you in that regard.

Caesar Trade also runs many offers, bonuses and rebated through their daily email with is very easy to subscribe to and also offers many practical tips and hints for making the most of your investments. They also offer an additional 10% bonus on most bank trades.

For the 400% Bonus:

  • Deposit Requirement is $25 to $25,000
  • Maximum Bonus Issued (USD/EUR/GBP) is $100,000
  • Offered on every deposit
  • 8th Deposit is Free
  • You can use the bonus as equity!
  • There are some restrictions on Withdrawal (see site for details)
  • Trading Signals and Analysis
  • No overnight rate (Swap Free)
  • 5% Savings Account (See site for details)

Caesar Trade also offers Traditional Forex Bonuses (with added benefits) as shown:

100% Bonus with minimum deposit of $25

  • Maximum Bonus Issued $500
  • 70% Bonus with minimum deposit of $501
  • Maximum Bonus Issued $2100
  • 25% Bonus with minimum deposit of $10,000
  • Maximum Bonus Issued $5000
  • 15% Bonus with minimum deposit of $25,000
  • Maximum Bonus Issued $15,000
  • All bonuses are redeemable
  • One-Time Offer
  • Use bonus as Equity
  • No Over-Night rates (Swap free)
  • 5% Savings Account

Deposits and Withdrawals options

Caesar Trade provides a very wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options that should meet almost anyone’s needs:

Bank Transfer

 Deposits: For Investment accounts, the funds need to be credited to your STP/Segregated account. Your funds will be credited 1 business day after 1 working day.

Withdrawals: You should receive your funds within 3-5 business days.

Debit and Credit Cards

 Deposits: Approximately 10 minutes

Depends on your card processor, normally its 3-5 business days.

Caesar Trade MasterCard

 Deposits: Approximately 10 minutes

Withdrawals: One business day

American Express

Deposits: Approximately 10 minutes

Withdrawals: Depends on Card Processor, 2-3 business days

Western Union

Deposits: Approximately 10 minutes depending on receipt of MTCN

Withdrawals: One business day

Skrill (Moneybookers)

Deposits: Approximately 10 minutes

Withdrawals: One business day


Deposits: Approximately 10 minutes

Withdrawals: One business day

Web Money

Deposits: Approximately 10 minutes

Withdrawals: One business day


Deposits: Approximately 10 minutes

Withdrawals: One business day

Beginner Support

One of the greatest things we noted in our review of CaesarTrade.com is their unique support for beginners who are just starting out in trading, with instructional videos, great forums and individualized help for each trader, you can enter the Forex market with confidence, you can even set up a demo account and learn all of the ropes before you invest your own money, and the support staff are so helpful, you’ll be on your way to successful trading in no time.

As a matter of fact CaesarTrade.com has a whole section of their site devoted to education of Forex trading, from basic forex terms to winning tactics, not to mention sections on Free Strategies, Learning to Use MT4, Social Trading and Cheat sheets, as well as a free Forex eBook. Coupled with their top of the line Forex Forum, you’ll be hard pressed to find as much help on any other Forex broker site.

Customer Support

While compiling this Caesar Trade Forex Broker review, we made use of the customer support. First, in order to see how well their customer support functions in real world circumstances, but also to ask questions and gain insight into the CaesarTrade.Com site.

We have not seen better support on any broker site on the internet, with immediate responses to questions and queries and top notch, knowledgeable staff who are willing and able to answer every question, from the newbie questions to questions that might have many scratching their heads, the Customer Support staff at Caesar Trade is simply amazing! They will answer all your questions and they are there for you any time you need help, willing to walk you through the steps you need to take to be a successful forex trader.


We have reviewed many different Forex Broker sites on the internet, and have not seen such great support and dedication as CaesarTrade Forex Brokers, with the best tools and platform to get you started and keep you going, great bonus’s and incentives, excellent customer support and education for even the most novice user. It’s really hard to go wrong with CaesarTrade, especially if you are a new trader just looking to get his or her feet wet. You can easily set up a demo account, learn the ins and outs, see how much you stand to win (or lose) and get to know just how knowledgeable and dedicated CaesarTrade is to helping you on your way to successfully trading in Forex. We can say with confidence, you will not be disappointed in Caesartrade.

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