Forex Bonus Hedging Strategy -No Loss Method – Make 1000$ Monthly or more

This is an Awesome Strategy ,this is only no loss Strategy in Forex .. 100 % Risk Free … No need to worry about markets .. This strategy can be used by Large Investors or Small Investors … This is a Hedging Strategy which some traders know before ..but most people not know that money can be made so easily like this …

Today we are exposing this secret Forex Bonus Hedging Strategy

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 How to Gain Money from Caesar Trade 200 % Bonus – Secret Strategy 

You Need to Join the Caesar Trade Bonus offer of 200% Bonus

Open a Caesar Trade Account here :- Caesar Trade 200% Bonus Account 

#Caesar Trade is providing a 200% bonus which can traded fully as Margin .

#This Bonus you can use to Hedge and Loss with other Brokers

#There is No restriction to withdraw profits you make

# The Deposited amount you cannot withdraw under this scheme

To be More clear we tell you and example – Read below

Example :  If you deposit $1000 under the 200% bonus scheme ,you will get 2000$ bonus . with this bonus your trading capital will be 1000+2000 = 3000 Usd … And if u made $3000 profits then u can withdraw whole Profit but not the deposit amount and the bonus ..


How to Hedge Cesar Trade bonus with a Second Broker and Limit your Risk in Forex Trading

Below is an example for 1000$ capital Hedging – This is advised for Expert Forex Traders

Step 1  – Deposit $333.33 with Caesar Trade and claim the 200% bonus 666.67 .With this your Equity will be $1000

Step 2 – Deposit $1000 with a Forex Broker without any Bonuses

Step 3 – Find out a 100% winning Forex trading setup

Note :- For a expert Forex trader – Finding a winning 100% trade idea is a easy task

Step 4 – Open the Trade that you are 100% Sure in the Broker that u deposit $1000 , for example if you are 100% sure that euro is going to rise 100 pips then buy EURUSD 1 lot ie  1 pip =10$ , here when euro reaches 100 pips you will make $1000 profits ,same Time when you open Eur/USd buy  Sell Eur/Usd 1 lot with Caesar Trade (this trade will loss)

So your profit with the second Broker will be $1000 -333.33 Deposit with Caesar Trade = 666.67$

And in case your trade go wrong then you will win at Caesar Trade $1000 , so you not have any losses and you end up Break even ..

2)HEDGING STRATEGY 2ND Method with a Second Broker with Bonus

Step 1 – Join Caesar Trade and Claim the 200 % Deposit Bonus 

Step 2 – For example Deposit $1000 and get the $2000 bonus ,which Means your capital is $3000 Usd

Step 3- Join other Broker which provides 100% bonus or 50 % bonus or 30 % bonus and deposit funds to reach Equity 3000 …

For example :- If u Deposit 1500 with the Second Broker under a 100% bonus offer – you will get 1500 bonus so your equity will be 3000 Usd

Step 4 – Now you have 3000 Usd with Caesar Trade and 3000 Usd with the other Broker

Step 5 – Buy Eur/USD at Caesar Trade and sell Eur/Usd with the second Broker same time Same rate .. you may have the spread but it not matters … Invest Full amount .. Then by doing this with One Broker you loss all amount and with One broker u have $6000 capital …

Step 6 – you can withdraw 3000$ if the Win was at Caesar Trade – your profits will be 1000 Ceasar Trade deposit Cost + 1500 deposit Cost at the other broker

so your profits will be 3000-2500 = 500 Usd

and if u Win at the other Broker then your Profits will be 6000 minus – Bonus 1500 collected with Broker Second = 4500 Usd : from this less the Caesar Trade deposit is 1000+1500 Second broker deposit = 2000$ Profit 



You can also make money with Caesar Trade Bonus on Big News days if you predict the direction of News correctly …

For example you deposit 1000 and claim the 200 % bonus your capital is 3000 Usd … with this you can bet on FOMC Day or NFP .. like u buy or sell before the News with Full amount … as your risk is only 1000$ rest is broker money …. but if you make a 100 pips then you will be making 3000$ profits .. so this Bonus is good for making bets …. as you can make double the profits than any other brokers ….

So All Readers hope this article may change your trading ..and you all will start making Money from this ..until the Other brokers stop bonuses … Please post your comments below … contact us in Facebook /Skype or use the Contact us Form

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(we will tell you how to Hedge Caesar Trade Bonus with Nadex(USA Broker) and make more than 1000 $ – Below we already shared our strategy – but this offers more Returns … we Share this via Skype to all Readers who join Cesar Trade from our link ,once u join from our Link we get some Rebates on your trading volume its worth the Time we spend to teach the strategy to you )

Fee free to add us in Skype to Discuss your Doubts about Hedging Strategy


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  1. Mohammed says

    wow . This is a Nice way ,i understand this ,Thanks for sharing this …i want to Deposit with Cesar Trade ,but i like to know about them before depositing money … are they Good Broker ? will they pay properly ? Please reply

    • admin says

      Hi Ceasar Trade is a NZ regulated broker – they are safe brokers … if your Join Caesar Trade from our site ,we can help you and you can trust Caesar Trade 100% 🙂

  2. subash says

    what about lot conditions meet requirements for profit withdrawal from both brokers. no broker withdraw profit until volume requirement not meet

  3. subash says

    please tell me which offers bonus without any volume and lot conditions. please reply on my mail.
    any other way to contact you except skype

  4. subash says

    even caesartrade broker have lot required conditions for profit. how to choose broker which have no conditions on profit withdrawal

    • admin says

      Cesar trade is not a scam , the traders who not followed the rules may have issues ,but that does not mean they are scam , they have a 400% bonus in which the clients required to trade certain volume ,some traders not meet the volume and asked for withdrawal ,this is the most case against caesar trade , if u have any other issues other than this , contact us ,we can help you … we are partnered with Cesar trade ,so we know them much ,they are not scams

  5. danish nawaz says

    i have open account on casertrade from your referral link no please tell me about bonus hedging strategy i want to use it with caser trade please send me strategy on my email id thanks

  6. subash says

    in ceasartrade 200% bonus there is withdrawal conditions that you cannot withdraw all profit in one time. what things is this

  7. js says

    I interest this article. I already test to Broker A and B. the win was broker A many times. After that i deposit to broker A again. But broker does not give me a bonus 30%. How can i solve this problem?. Please advise me…

  8. sunny says

    Hi , I would be interested in doing this strategy as I am already doing this with fxprimus…….I just want confidence about payouts.

    • admin says

      We have written very clear – you can choose either Internal Hedging or external Hedging – both have risks ..if u are serious then u can add us in skype forexbonus100 , we have said this no loss method – its no loss ,but this is good for traders with capital ,not for traders with 500$ ..

  9. safal pandya says

    i understood your bonus hedging strategy. but please tell me broker name that gives bonus and regulated.

    Thank you

    • admin says

      You have to Find the broker , we can only recommend caesar trade – as other broker terms not allow hedging .. thanks for your feedback

  10. vamsi says

    hello forexguru.i think this strategy only works if the bonus is allowed to lose.and if the bonus is not alllowed to lose it get canceled after losing your deposit amount in the middle of the trade you dont have any advantage doing this. after reading many bonus terms and conditions i am feeling this way. please correct me if i am wrong

  11. Kent says

    It will not work on all those broker you intro, this strategy can apply at few brokers only.Read the term and condition of the bonus of all those broker, most of it will cancel out when your deposit is loss and bonus are untradable.

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