Flip My Binary Account Scam Will Have You Flipping Burgers: Review


Have you heard of Flip My Binary Account auto-trading robot? Don’t think that we are talking about a legit forex robot. This is a trading robot scam, a bogus system that will have you flipping burgers at Wendy’s by the end of the week. It will pressure you to let your wallet loose so that the team behind it can take all your money and then run with it, while you end up desperate and thus jumping into the first flipping burger job that is available at Wendy’s. Even though the Flip My Binary Account software has been up for grabs for a few months now, we recently decided to review it because we found it to be a system that has been receiving a lot paid promotion on a couple of sites that attain moderate visits and whose owners are often paid by scammers to promote forex robot systems in a positive light. As you know, we are here to prevent rip off artists from getting their way.

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Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Flip My Binary Account Review

The supposed CEO of Flip My Binary Account system is one Ronald Green. The official page of this system has an introductory video that has him in it explaining the 411 on this binary options robot program. The man looks very inviting. He looks very trustworthy, but is he really? His concept is to create broker accounts and then sell them to other individuals for huge amounts of money. In the video, Ronald Green goes on to say that this tactic has been able to garner him just over three-quarters of a million dollars in profit ($737,700.71 to be exact). You will even notice a screenshot of his bank account:

best binary options robot

We have been able to come to the conclusion that this screenshot is fake. The screenshot has a date that was “in the future” from when this website offer was actually launched! Sadly for certain traders who got suckered in by this system, they overlooked this detail. Only when they went back to the page to find out what they had gotten themselves into . . . is when they finally noticed it and emailed us about it.

Binary Accounts Up For Grabs On Ebay?

The owner of the Flip My Binary Account program states that there are numerous of individuals around the globe who would be willing to purchase you binary account via bidding website like eBay. Say what? This might sound like a great thing, but unfortunately, there is not one single website on the Internet that offers binary options accounts for sale. We even checked eBay. We did find some binary options websites and signal services for sale, but we didn’t find any accounts for sale. We have come to the conclusion that the reason why this type of option does not exist is because no broker would allow that, as it is near impossible to transfer an account from one person to another. New traders simply open new accounts. If you stop to think about it, if it was possible to sell a binary options account, one would need to show profits. Utilizing the bogus broker and auto-trading robot that the Flip My Binary Account provides will reflect losses, no profits. The idea sounds good, but as you can tell, it is far from the truth.

Scam Sign: No Customer Service Available

When it comes to the customer service that the Flip My Binary Account provides, it doesn’t exist. They don’t offer anything. There is neither an email nor phone number available anywhere on the website. This should be a huge red flag that reflects that you will be dealing with people who only care about taking your money. After they get your money, they don’t care what happens to you.

This System Uses Fake Actors 

When it comes to the testimonials that are present on the official page of this bogus system, we found out that they are fake. The testimonials come from actors who are trying to make you believe that they are clients. These actors are easily up for hire on fiverr.com. You only need $5.00 to hire their services.

forex trading


autotrading robot

As you can see, these actors are very hungry for money. They will go the extra mile to lie to anybody in order to obtain a couple of bucks that will help them buy their needs and wants. It is definitely very shocking what people do nowadays for a couple of bucks. Lies, lies, and more lies. So many lies everywhere, but we aren’t surprise one bit. We were expecting this type of lies from a system like this one.

The Lies Do Not Stop There

If you opt to join, once you enter your email, you will be transferred to a members’ area where you will be assigned to a broker after entering your information. The brokers that are presented with this rip off are not to be trusted. There are a lot of negative reviews on them. Save your money!

Flip My Binary Account: Total Rip Off

Ronald Green might look very inviting and trustworthy, but the Flip My Binary Account is a total rip off. Do not fall for it! Go ahead and check out the website if you want. We encourage you to conduct this action if you are new to this field, as you need to see what a scam looks like. This is important because a lot of scammers copy from each other; therefore, you will be able to identify a bogus system easier even if it looks very credible. Rip off systems always share similarities. It is like bogus artists behind this type of systems analyze each other and copy from each other.

Don’t trust this guy and his smarmy sales pitch!

Don’t Worry . . . We Have You Covered!

Don’t be discouraged. Even though the Flip My Binary Account system is a rip off, there are other systems that totally deserve a try. Go ahead and keep browsing this website so that you can find out which ones are the ones that you should try out. We invite you to keep on visiting us every now and then. We are always on the hunt for new systems to review. We want to keep you up to date with everything that is going on in the field. We have you covered!

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