Is Financial Echo a Scam?: A Binary Options Robot That Needs to Die!


Is the Financial Echo system a scam? That is what more than a dozen of our visitors have asked us via email in the last few days; therefore, we decided to conduct a review on it. Before these visitors mentioned it, we had never heard of it. When we began to read their site,, we could not believe our eyes. This program is being represented by a few people that have a bad reputation, such as Katie Harvey. Just in case you are not aware of whom Mrs. Harvey is, she is a well-known actress from the marketplace. Many scam websites use her “testimonials.” When we came across this information that talked about her, we knew that the Financial Echo was more than likely a total waste, but we still decided to give it the benefit of the doubt in order to bring you the following review.

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Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Financial Echo Review

According to this actress, she is a single mother who has made it big with this software. That is very nice of her to say, as well as it is very nice to hear her say the same thing about all the other systems that she has provided positive testimonials for, like Profit with Cindy. There is no doubt in our minds that this actress has made it big because she is offering her acting services for money, not because she is trying out these systems.

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Scam: Fiction at Its Best . . . Not

We also found out that the Financial Echo scam is not synced to any regulated brokers. This is definitely a red flag. Many binary options are becoming regulated. The shameless individuals behind the Financial Echo software want you to join no matter what. The entire site of this program is replete with pushy statements. They utilize the cheesiest statements when it comes to describing the people who have utilized the program. “While scouring the Internet for something legitimate, she discovered a website that prompted her to fill out a form . . . “ Does this sound real to you? Not to us! It sounds like a wannabe fiction writer wrote that on behalf of the Financial Echo team. Maybe they hired the writer from an online marketplace, as well. We are not fully sure.

No Proof Exists . . . Just a Pile of Blahs

When it comes to the actual proof that backs this system up, there is absolutely no proof anywhere on the website. There is no proof because no proof exists. A legitimate system is always backed by facts and proof, not just a whole pile of blahs.

Be Wise and Share Wisely

It is important to mention that we discovered that the Financial Echo system’s team is conducting a massive email marketing campaign; therefore, be careful when you are entering your email address on a website, as your email might end up in the hands of Financial Echo. You see, there are times when websites sell the emails of their visitors to third parties. If you are not aware of who is behind the website or what are the third parties your email is going to be sold to or shared with, it is best that you do not provide your email, especially if it is a website about binary options robots. If the Financial Echo group ends up receiving your email, they are going to send you an unaccountable number of emails, pressuring you to join. You will not have another option than to get another email as soon as possible. They will never leave you alone.

Even Anonymous has exposed them


When it comes to the customer service that these people provide, it seems like they are too busy with their massive email marketing campaign, as well as counting the money that they have been stealing in the last couple of weeks, because they are not available to respond. We sent them a very simple question regarding their system’s ITM percentage, but nothing. You can mark our words when we say that we are more than certain that we will never see an email from them in our inbox.

People Are Upset

When it comes to what people are saying about the Financial Echo, we come to the conclusion that people are very mad, as they tried it; therefore, they were left hanging. From what we read, some of them went the extra mile and opted to invest a few thousands of dollars, but they did not see the results that the official website of the Financial Echo system promised. We did find positive reviews, but these reviews are from the owners of some websites. These online sites have been linked to providing positive reviews if there is money present. In other words, the owners of these sites do not care if they are informing their visitors with a lie, as long as they are getting paid.

No Proof? Forget It Then!

The Financial Echo auto-trading robot is not to be trusted in any way. It is backed by actors from the marketplace. How nice . . . not. What you need is a forex robot that is backed by facts, facts that come accompanied by proof. If there is no proof, there is no point of trying a software. Wouldn’t you agree?

We Do the Homework for You

Now if you are a new to the binary options robot field, then we must warn you that more than likely you will come across different scams that are similar to this one. In order for you not to become a victim of any of them, we recommend that you add this website to your favorites. We review binary options robots quite frequently. We let you know which ones you should try and which ones you should avoid. We have your back at all times. If you recently came across a software that grasped your attention, feel free to send us an email so that we can review it as soon as possible.

Help Us Get Financial Echo out of the Picture

There are definitely more than a handful of legitimate trading robots, many of which we have reviewed. Keeping browsing our site so that you can know which ones we are referring to. Another thing, please share this review with everybody that you know. The more people know that the Financial Echo is a scam, the faster it will be out of the picture.

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