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Finance Herald Scam Trading App is what they should call this software as reviewers have already blacklisted it and announced loud and clear that this software is potentially fraudulent. There is really no doubt about it. If you are really set on trying out this badly presented system, then at least start with a Demo Account. That way, you might find out for yourself what reviewers have not hesitated to declare: The Finance Herald Software is, without doubt, a scam.

Evidence that is a Scam

The first piece of evidence that leads to the conclusion that the Finance Herald Software is definitely a scam is the appearance of Katie Harvey. This lady is an actor who sells her testimonials on Fiverr. Her presentations advertising a particular business can literally define it as a scam. So when Katie shows up, acting the part of a happy customer of the Finance Herald Software, that is the first warning sign that a confidence game is being perpetrated. Surely no sincere and genuine business would need to hire the services of a five dollar actress from Katie Harvey is getting a bad name for herself and she gives a bad name to the services that she promotes.

Video Frame Snapshot from Finance Herald’s Website:

Finance Herald App Scam

Surprise! She’s really a Fiverr actor:

Finance Herald Software Review actor

More Review Clues that the Finance Herald System is Shady.

The second piece of evidence that indicates that the Finance Herald Software is a scam is the photograph of the lady reposing on her couch at home. Although this woman is supposedly saying that she would not swap working at home for a high paying job in a company, in fact this photo is a stock photo. It can be found on many websites with many titles beneath it. One user who emailed us discovered this exact photo on a site called Pop Sugar. Once again the publicity for the Finance Herald Software is quite low-budget and shoddy. One testimonial from a actor is a bad show, but two separate fake testimonials? That really is low and without any other evidence at all it is enough to dismiss the Finance Herald trading robot as an untrustworthy piece of work.

Final Nail that the Finance Herald Software is a Fraud.

Probably not many people have heard of the Echo News Channel and yet this is the channel that the Finance Herald System was discovered on. There are various news media with the name Echo in the title, but none of them are home to the Finance Herald trading APP. If the team behind the Finance Herald robot are trying to promote a binary trading platform, they are not succeeding; to prove this, there are very few testimonials or customer reviews about the Finance Herald trading APP. This could be because it is a new platform, but most likely it’s because it’s a big piece of fakery and a scam and not worth trading on.

The Finance Herald Software is a binary trading site that sends signals mainly to German day traders – The “de” in the internet address stands for Deutsch or German, although this platform was first promoted in English. Some reviewers have theorized that this is because the German day traders have more cash to play with, but there is no real reason to pick on the Germans any more than any other nationality. No-one deserves to be scammed.

The Finance Herald Software is said to send out over a hundred signals a day. Beginner traders will find this system easy to use because it has been designed with simplicity in mind and information about the date, time, expiry time, price, asset, direction, countdown and result of each trade is easy to find. The win rate is quoted as being 70%.

Advertisements are appearing online for traders who want to be the next Beta-Tester for the Finance Herald Software. It is unclear whether these ads are current or not, but for those who carry out the four steps required – Register, Deposit, Download and Receive Email, a $200.00 bonus is added to their trading account.

A YouTube review from October 28, 2015 puts the final evidence into place for proving that the Finance Herald Software is a scam.

It is an unusual review in its glaring honesty. The reviewer, writes (in the text below the video) about her experience on the Finance Herald System, saying that she had read about them in magazines and was impressed by the profits that she read about. This woman then spent some time in discussion with the staff at the Finance Herald trading APP. She was impressed by the information that she received about the Finance Herald System’s terms and conditions and their stringently back-tested tools. She then deposited $300.00 into a trading account.

She was very happy with her first and second trades, when she made a profit of $800.00 and $1.2K respectively. The balance in her account had risen to $2.1K. To her great dismay, when she was ready to make her third trade, she found that she only had $40.00 in her trading account.

Straight away, she applied to the management team at the Finance Herald trading APP and she was refunded $1K. The remainder of her money was still missing and it was never returned to her. She immediately withdrew her money and closed her account permanently.

This is what she has to say about the Finance Herald Software, in her own words: “I won’t suggest the Finance Herald in German to any trader. Don’t trade with them. The Finance Herald in Germany is a fraud. Your money will not be secure with them. (At) Anytime they can cash out your money and won’t give it back. “

In Conclusion.

These words are apparently a cry from the heart from a real trading client of the Finance Herald Software, someone who has been ripped off by them. Obviously she regards the Finance Herald trading APP team as a nasty dishonest crew. Who better to listen to? This woman has had a real experience with a trading website which has been criticized by reviewers and blacklisted by them. She is adding her opinion to those who have already written the Finance Herald Software off as a dyed-in-the-wool scam. So, for goodness sake, newbie traders or adventurous traders, give this woman and the hard-working reviewers some credibility by following their well-meant advice and avoiding the Finance Herald System at all costs.

Fortunately, there are autotrading apps out there that are decent. Two that we recommend are Virtnext and Dow Jones Focus Group. Check out our reviews on those bots.


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  1. Orem N. says

    Thank you for another scam investigation. It’s like one new fraud robot every week it seems!

    Without sites like yours, too many people would get taken in. Thanks again.

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