Extreme Profits System Review : Yet Another Binary Trading Scam


As awareness about different kinds of forex trading robots is growing, so is the number of people willing to play the markets. Binary options robots are one such auto trading cateogory that has become quite popular in the last few years.  Unfortunately, if you thought Extreme Profits System was one of them, you are wrong. Extreme Profits System is a scam that you need to be beware of to avoid losing your money. It is just one of those many trading systems that promise to make unlimited money for you if you just give a small deposit. But  unfortunately you likely to never see your money again.

This review hopefully helps traders by dissecting the Extreme Profits System scam. The marketing behind this lame software fools people into thinking they will be earning thousands daily through some binary options robot and will become rich in no time. But our reviewers think otherwise.

##########   UPDATE   ##########

Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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How Is Their Website A Scam?

When you come across a website offering you the best of all worlds, be warned you may be headed for a scam. Binary trading does offer great returns, a reason most investors look forward to it. However, you cannot start making money straightaway, no matter how much knowledge you might get in your first few hours about learning on how binary trading works. There is no secret magic but skills that need to be learned and intuition that needs to be trusted.

  1. Poor use of email marketing

Getting back to our Extreme Profits Review, we see that the Extreme Profits System has aggressively been marketing itself through e-mails. Email marketing is a tool used by most businesses to engage customers and increase conversions. However, for Extreme Profits System, there is a small problem with this. The problem is that the email newsletters are a dead giveaway. These e-mails are poorly constructed and not at all professional, and a lot of people will be able to figure out on their own that there is something fishy with the Extreme Profits System scam and that it is not indeed a trustworthy auto trader robot.

It is pretty easy for companies to design newsletters in a professional way. So when you find someone who does not care enough to send out professional looking email newsletters, you know something is not right. Extreme Profits System seems to bank upon the point that there are newbies out there to the binary trading options market, and they set out to trap them. In fact the target audience of Extreme Profits System seems to be honest novices who do not know much about forex robots or trader robots.

  1. Classic Use of Videos

On visiting their website, extreme-profits.co, a video automatically starts. On the right side of the video, the website urges you to ‘Sign up before it’s too late’. Proclaiming in bold letters, ‘Get access now 100% free’, the website asks for your name and e-mail address, and assures you that ‘Your privacy is safe with us. We will send you details’. Do not sign up on this form. Once you do, they have your e-mail address and they will keep harassing you to make a deposit. Although they claim access is ‘100% free’ you still have to make an initial deposit.

  1. Unbelievable Offers and Returns

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. The website promises to make you ‘$1500 to $6000 per day like clockwork’. Now, if you did even a little research on binary options trading or even on auto trader robots, you would know that, while it is possible to make a lot of money with robots, it is generally not possible right out of the gate with small deposits. In fact, even talented traders with years of experience do not make this much with some small investment. Thus by posting high figures the Extreme Profits System Scam is just trying to lure you into giving them your money.

binary options robot

The most damning evidence is that we have now received well over a dozen emails from some of our veteran readers and members of our trading group all saying the same thing – that they lost consistently with the Extreme Profits System robot. If one or two traders out of the group lost, it could be ignored, since not everyone will be a winner. But when all traders in a sample group lose, you know you are dealing with a stinker.

False CEO, And False Reviews 

  1. Where is the CEO? 

They introduce the CEO of Extreme Profits System, Cameron James. A simple Google search reveals that their CEO is nowhere to be found. Perhaps what is more telling is the fact that when you attempt to click on their ‘contact us’ icon (situated at the extreme bottom of the page, in small font size, very difficult to find unless you are deliberately looking for it), it does not lead you to their phone number or address or anything about where they are based.

It just opens your e-mail client with the e-mail id of Extreme Profits System in the ‘to’ field. Any website that tries to hide such essential details is definitely up to no good.

  1. Where are the Reviews?

The “fake review” meme is a common method employed by most binary trading scams these days. They ensure that you come across some highly positive reviews when you search for the scam software so that it can build trust within you.

When you search for Extreme Profits System reviews on the Internet, you find positive glowing reviews, one after the other. All of these are fake as they keep overpraising the software, saying it make them endless money. This is a trick that every scam trader robot website or forex robot website attempts to pull. This review honestly shows the reality of the Extreme Profits System scam.

To add insult to injury, the have employed a number of known Fiverr.com actors to push their product on YouTube with obviously fake reviews (what did you expect for $5?).

This guy is a well known Fiverr actor. Just pay him and he will do a testimonial!

Final Verdict

The poorly designed email newsletters, inflated marketing claims and real-world trader feedback from our readers put the nail in the coffin to this system. It is not credible and the false reviews and the non existent CEO only compounds the inanity of this software. Extreme Profits System is simply a scam. This does not in any way mean that binary options trading in itself is a bad investment option.

Just be careful to stay away from scamming autotrader robots and you will find that it can be quite rewarding. Of course, you will not make thousands from day one, but once you start building up profits, you can make quite good gains. Just make sure to stick to approved and accredited brokers and robots, and steer clear of those like Extreme Profits System.

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