eXbino Brings Welcome Bonus


eXbino has bought a special welcome bonus offer for traders. As per eXbino, welcome bonus is very important for traders and those who will deposit more should get more amount as welcome bonus. A surprising thing is that eXbino is also giving away devices like iPad Air, iPhone 6, MacBook Air etc to the VIP investors. If you want to get the advantage of welcome bonus, then read up on the detailed information about the welcome bonus program.

eXbino is a popular platform now because one can use it directly without any downloading and many traders like the interface. Traders who have more money for investing are going for its VIP accounts equipped with unique features.

Welcome Bonus Offer Details

All the new clients of eXbino are eligible for the welcome bonus. Old clients of eXbino can’t get benefit of this welcome bonus offer as this special offer is for new clients only. This welcome bonus is only on initial deposits and it is dependent on the deposit amount. Clients depositing Euros 250 are eligible for 50% bonus, while clients depositing Euros 1,000 and Euros 2000 are eligible for 75% and 100% bonus respectively.

If you want a special tailored welcome bonus on your deposit, then you should contact the eXbino’s support team.

How to get Welcome Bonus Benefit from eXbino?

Here are steps to follow for getting welcome bonus benefit from the safe binary options platform eXbino.

  1. Open an account with eXbino as this offer is for new clients only.
  2. Contact the support team and request to participate in the eXbino’s welcome bonus offer.

 Terms and Conditions of Welcome Bonus Offer

  1. A client can withdraw the welcome bonus after trading $30 USD for each $1 USD bonus.
  2. eXbino can change or end this welcome bonus offer at any time.

New clients of eXbino are getting the advantage of welcome bonus and that’s why all those who have not opened an account should open one eXbino account soon. You may even tell your friends about this welcome bonus offer as the extra money received on first investment may allow them to get a boost in their trading journey.

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