Is Elite Gold Profits A Scam? This Review Blasts It Open!


This Elite Gold Profits review dissects a scam that is very popular these days. The Elite Gold Profits scam is just like any of the other binary trading robot scams out there and is just one of the websites that try to take advantage of people who are new to binary options.

The scams come in all types – some are polished and look really legitimate, while others are easy to discern as fakes. Elite Gold Profits scam is one of them. It poses as an autotrading robot that can reportedly make you thousands of dollars a day. However, this review exposes how it is merely a sham that is not any forex robot but only a medium to deceive innocent people out of their hard earned money. Read on to find out why.

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Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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First Impressions 

The first thing you notice on their website,, is a video that is the center of attraction, as is with most of such scam websites. A point of interest is that below the video, the website proudly declares – ‘Elite Gold Profit Service – Since 2004’. Now, the curious thing is that binary options weren’t even around during 2004. This in itself points to Elite Gold Profits being a complete sham. However, there are a number of other points that lead to the same conclusion.

Their video is just a waste of digital bits


How Do The Names Relate?

If you notice, during the course of the video, the creators use a number of well-known and respected faces from multiple fields. Photos of Oprah Winfrey, Roger Federer, and Beyonce are liberally used but seem to have no bearing upon the software at all. Elite Gold Profits is trying to imply that this trading robot is used by celebrities. Unfortunately, none of the celebrities uses any of these auto trading robots and we are sure they have no idea that their images are being used to hawk digital snake oil.

Where Are The Celebrities?

Interestingly, there is no proof or testimony to this effect, and it is simply a ruse to pull more people in. It is possibly also a cover for the flimsy explanation attempted in the video about how binary options can make anyone so much money. The truth is that even traders who are experts in binary options trading and have a lot of experience in the field cannot make this much every day, and they definitely cannot guarantee anything, much less every day earnings.

The Elite Gold Profits Review Conundrum

Most fake autotrading software websites use fake reviews. To build up customer trust, they flood the web with positive reviews a few weeks before launch. Customers believe that the product is genuine reading the many positive reviews about the product without understanding that the negative reviews have been pushed down in the search results by all the fake review spam.

binary options robot

If you tried to Google Elite Gold Profits reviews near its launch date, you would have mostly found positive reviews of the software. This is an easy tell for any scam. If you can’t seem to find any negative reviews, or balanced ones at least, there is definitely something fishy. Add to this the fact that the Elite Gold Profits is not a registered company with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a complete picture of this scam starts to emerge.

Who Is The Person Behind This Thing?

The person that they credit with the idea, one Nigel Pearson, is actually a well-known football manager. A simple Google search shows that he seems to have nothing to do with this Google Elite Gold Profits website at all. It seems that using well known celebrities as bait is their modus operandi. Do not believe everything you see. Such websites tend to prey on the gullible nature of people. Reviews like these expose the reality of such trading robot scams.

forex autotrading


Buy In Before Time Runs Out!

The website also uses pressure tactics to get people to register with them. When you visit the website, you get a warning that you must sign up in the next two minutes or you won’t get a chance. However, this is a complete sham as no matter how many time you come back to the site, you will get the same warning over and over again. You would probably know this if you have been using internet for a number of users but the occasional user can be easily made to believe otherwise.

forex robot

This is a common tactic used by such scams to force people to sign up before they have a chance the properly research the website. And even if you give only your e-mail address, you will be inundated with spam and ‘special offers’ every day clogging your inbox.

Final Verdict – Save Yourself From Such Scams

Binary options is a growing field and has recently become quite popular, and therefore a lot of shady operators are taking advantage of the recent boom. People want to invest and try out binary options but do not have a lot of knowledge about trading robots, and forex robots. The best thing you can do is only use a registered broker or website.

The Elite Gold Profits scam is just one of the many binary trading robot scams and does many similar things to the other con jobs out there. For one, it doesn’t let you see any negative reviews near its launch date, spamming the web with fake positive reviews. There are pressure tactics used to urge you to buy the product before time runs out. And there is the founder you can find no trace of online.

Keep an eye out for our reviews that show you all the signs you should look out for to determine if a particular website is a scam or if it is a legitimate operation.

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