Einstein Profits – Is It A Scam? Our Review Finds Out!


Guess what? There is a new scam in town, a scam that is having Albert Einstein tossing and turning in his grave, as his surname is being utilized in its title, without permission. It is the Einstein Profits auto-trading robot (below is a review on it) at einsteinprofits.com. Many traders in the binary options world are considering the Einstein Profits trading robot to be a pathetic fraud. It is a pity to inform that this forex robot has already been able to attract the attention of so many people. They decided to give it the green light and are now regretting it. Keep reading so that you know the tactics that the group behind this joke is utilizing to trap you and anybody else who is in the binary options arena, looking for an auto-trading robot.

Fake Beta Testers

The website of this binary options robot was created in January of this year, so the beta testers of it who are stating in the introductory video that they have been making considerable amount of profits for many months now is totally absurd. There is no way they could be talking seriously. They are certainly lying, as the beta testers of the Einstein Profits scam are actors and actresses. They come from no other than the fiverr.com marketplace. If one is not new in binary options trading, then one is aware how this marketplace has become the go-to spot for frauds to obtain fake testimonials. Now, it is important to highlight that more than likely the founders of the fiverr.com did not create their service in order to make revenue by having its members become part of a lying cycle. But now it is happening regardless. Hopefully, they do something about it. To obtain a fake testimonial from one of those people, frauds have to pay about $5.00 USD. In just few days, the actor films himself lying in front of a camera and then sends the video to the scam artist. More and more actors are jumping into it, and it doesn’t seem like this cycle is going to end any time soon.

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What in the World Does Einstein Profits Have to Do with E = mc 2?

Why in the world would somebody name a trading system Einstein Profits? What does it have to do with the E = mc 2? Nothing at all! There is no link between this fraud and Albert Einstein. It is more than likely that the group behind this sketchy system wanted to attract the attention of as many people as possible; therefore, they resorted to name their software after a person who left a huge print in history, as they will never be able to do such thing with their fishy program.

What Is Its ITM Rate?

Its ITM(win)  rate is nowhere near the kind of rate that you want to deal with if you want your investment and time to be worthwhile. Nowhere on the website of the Einstein Profits system will you come across a statement that states the approximate ITM rate that you can expect from it, which is unacceptable. What are they hiding? Apparently, they must be hiding a lot if they cannot reveal such important information about their “ Einstein” software.

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Resources Available to Expand Knowledge?

According to the website of the Einstein Profits, the group behind it is there to aid you so that you can expand your knowledge in the binary options community. According to them, they want to see you succeed in great measure. If that is true, why don’t they ever respond to their email when it comes to them, asking for evidence of proof of all of their claims?

No Proof = Fraud

As previously mentioned, a lot of people have become victims of this software. Who can blame them? The website of this system is saturated with amazing claims, which can make any newbie fall into the trap. Is there any type of proof that can make one feel a positive lingering? No, there is no proof of any claim nowhere on the official website of the Einstein Profits.

5 Star Reviews?

There are a lot of positive reviews on a variety of different blogs. Yes, more than a handful of blog owners are giving this system 5 stars, but these blogs have been given bench-time by many in the binary options arena, as they have been given 5 stars to many systems that ended up being fake. These blogs really need to get their act together if they want to build a loyal audience, as the route that they are taking is leaving many in this community very confused.

Einstein Profits = A Grand Joke That Should Be Banned

In our book, the Einstein Profits is banned. It doesn’t even deserve a 1 star rating. It has too many red flags to make one even try to give it the benefit of the doubt. It is a grand joke. There is no other way to put it. Contrary to popular belief nowadays, not every latest auto-trading robot is sketchy. There are actually a couple that have come out that have proven to be able to aid one to successfully make a decent living trading. We encourage you to read our reviews of recommended robots as well as to take not of our scams list.

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