Easy way to earn more than $ 200 per month

Easy way to earn more money – About the Service 

In the heart of Europe a team of young internet enthusiasts came together to create a product that will give you a better way to earn money online. It’s a link shortener connected with advertising network so now you get paid when you shorten a link and make someone click on it.

Follow these Steps to earn more than $ 200 per month  just by following this simple task

If you are a Trader or Online marketer you may have tried too many methods to earn money.

If you were not success, then try this method to make huge money. Here I am sharing a simple method to make money by sharing videos/pictures in Facebook using the shortner service. This service pays you for 1000 views for your viewed links. You will get paid for views of your links.

Now follow these steps

Step-1.  Sign up for an Account here with the URL Shortner here: – Open Account

Step -2.  Select some Trending Videos or Pictures and note down its URL

Step -3.  For Eg: – Go to YouTube and find a Good Trending video ,Then Copy that video URL ,and From the Dashboard shorten that Video Link……

Step -4. Join some Facebook Group with 100k Members or more, join as many groups and post this shortened video/photo link in the Facebook groups in which you are a member.

Step -5. You will get around $1.30 for 1000 visitors viewing your shorten links


 Easy way to earn more than $ 200 per month

Imagine if u post in a Facebook Group of 100,000 members and if 10k members viewed your shared links then you can easily make $ 13 per one shared link ….if u do this very good ..You can even make $ 100 a day by posting different trending videos at regular intervals.

There is lot of Facebook groups like Football Fans group, Music group, Location based group and so much ….in all these groups shorten the trending videos and post in groups at regular intervals

By actively doing this tasks you can make more than $100 per month .This service is not a scam, we have tested this are they paying promptly

Features of the Shorten service

  • The payout is as low as 5$
  • You can withdraw profits via PayPal /Payoneer


Income sample

So all readers enjoy the earnings by using our Idea and Please SHARE This post with Friends …….

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