Easy Money Method Review: Looks Like A Scam To US!


We have been investigating The Easy Money Method because many of our review readers tell us they are receiving private email invitations to download the free software and gain access to the binary options autotrading robot. It is our opinion, and our readers’ opinions, that this could just be a way to draw people into a scam.

The link for easymoneymethod.co opens up the fastcash.biz website, and the binary options trading system promoted there appears likely to be a scam. We do not want anyone to lose money by joining a program that promises millions and uses hard sell tactics that are typical of a scam, hence this review.

Review: What is The Easy Money Method?

The Easy Money Method binary options robot uses software developed by David Graham in association with financial trader Madison Clark. Downloading The Easy Money Method software provides access to a binary options robot, which is designed for use by people with no previous knowledge of trading in the financial markets.

The Easy Money Method system uses an algorithm to predict closing positions in the global markets and it is said to have generated a total of $55 million for its creators. If you believe what is said on the website, access to the Easy Money Method binary options robot is now being offered to the public for the first and only time, so that anyone can become a multi-millionaire and live a luxury lifestyle.

Easy Money Method Fast Cash

Potential Scam: What Does The Easy Money Method Robot Do?

First you have to sign up with your email address to gain instant access to a forex binary options robot that predicts the outcome of market positions.

You have to deposit at least $250 into a trading account and are promised that you will be given an equal amount of money to trade with. If you deposit $500, it will be matched so that your trading account will instantly show a total of $1,000 available for trading. We believe that this offer is meant to encourage people to deposit larger amounts in order to receive an equal amount of money to trade with.

The Easy Money Method promises to match any deposit up to $10,000. We strongly recommend that no-one should be tempted to deposit a large amount into a trading account at the website.

After registering with The Easy Money Method and depositing money in your trading account, you are finally able to access the software which will send you the trading signals. Then you have to work out for yourself how much to enter into each trade. You rely on the signals to pick the most profitable trades.

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing the basis of the system or finding out what financial data the software works with. There is no explanation of what makes The Easy Money Method any different to other binary options trading systems. There are no details given about the percentage of winning trades compared with losses. Instead the focus of the introductory video is all about having a luxury lifestyle.

The Easy Money Method is supposed to provide support 24/7, but all we found was a Gmail address to send questions by email. If this was not a scam, surely there would be a better support system and the millionaire founders would not be using a free email service!

Is The Easy Money Method a Scam?

The video promoting this trading system is all about having millions in the bank. It involves tactics that are commonly used to promote scam money making programs.

Access to The Easy Money Method Trading App is supposed to be on offer for a limited time and there is a lot of high pressure selling involved in getting people to sign up and deposit large amounts of money in their trading accounts. Remember that the minimum is $250, but you are encouraged to fund your account with a lot more, because of the offer to match any amount up to $10,000.

We think that the case studies of beta testers who have profited from the system are highly suspicious. In the thirty-minute video you will see Mary, who tells you how happy she is with all the money she has made after only three months trading with the binary options robot. Then you are shown footage of how she started out with the help of David Graham and Madison Clark.

We can’t help noticing that Mary’s appearance, and in particular her hair, is exactly the same in scenes that are supposed to have been filmed three months apart. David and Madison also have exactly the same length hair in the footage of them training Mary and how they appear when they are supposed to be looking back on that time.

In the video David Graham and Madison Clark both have big grins and are shown leaving a luxury yacht, getting into a Bentley and arriving at their private jet. They keep showing screen shots of bank statements and trading accounts with millions going in and out. These images are designed to make binary options trading look like winning the lottery, without giving any explanation about the financial markets.

Anyone can hire a car and stand by an expensive looking yacht when making a video. There is no evidence to show that the ones in the video belong to the creators of The Easy Money Method or that the people in the video actually live in the huge house where some of the filming took place. Scenes of extreme luxury suggest that there could be such a thing as The Easy Money Method scam, trying to dazzle people with the idea of great wealth.


When researching for this review we found nothing to show that anyone is getting rich with The Easy Money Method. We have only seen people who could be actors on a video. The sales pitch is typical of a scam that makes you think about how you will spend your money when you have millions in the bank. The financial data provided by the creators of The Easy Money Method is extremely flimsy and the figures they quote are unsupported, all of which indicates to us that it is likely to be a scam.

Fortunately, there a handful of autotrading software apps that have positive track records with traders. Two that we recommend are Virtnext and Dow Jones Focus Group. Check out our reviews.

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  1. Shen Liu says


    Thanks for the work you guys doing in exposing scams.

    Most sites just use the word “scam” in review title but then write positive reiview just to sell apps.

    Need more sites like u guys to expose all the crap scams in forex. Thanks.

  2. Allan Vargas says

    Yeah, it’s typical scam. Not surprising their website is already forwarding to a brand new one!

    Looks like you guys exposed them.

  3. Alexsis J. says

    Sigh. I got taken in by Easy Money. Lost the fund in just two days. Wish I read your review first. Thank you for at least giving them the slamming they deserve.

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