Dow Jones Focus Group Review: Is the Equinox Software Good, Bad or Ugly?

Autotrading – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

At we have investigated dozens of trading robots, many which turn out to be scams. In almost every review case, we purchase the robot ourselves and then put it to the test. But when Dow Jones Focus Group software was launched a few weeks back, the publisher of the system, Jeffery Richards, sent invitations to a number of review websites to try the product before it was actually released to the market. This is not common; Many product producers usually skirt around sites like ours, as they are concerned that their scam software will get negative press – especially if they know their app is junk! Dow Jones Focus Group adopted a different approach because they knew the quality of software they released to the market.

You can easily tell a good autotrading software when you see one. First and foremost, the thing must get results – more winning trades than losing and must do so consistently. Dow Jones Focus Group Equinox software has been used by traders on our staff for several weeks, and they have all experienced solid gains ranging from 30% to 250%. Not too shabby at all! The system has also received positive comments and recommendations from many verifiable senior users across several of the major forex and binary forums.

Great Programming, Great Results, No Scams

The software was able to deliver on its promises for a number of reasons. First thing is that it was created by very experienced traders who all have solid track records winning in the markets. Too often a trading robot will be slapped together by some programmer with little actual experience in trading. Secondly, the software uses a very sophisticated spike and trending system to explore all the loopholes available on the financial assets market, to make it possible for traders to make solid profits while mitigating drawdowns.


While many systems rely on rather dubious claims on their own sites about this or that trader who made a fortune using their system, Dow Jones Focus Group proactively reached out to review sites to test their system. That shows confidence and allows us to vouch for their published results after trying it ourselves for a few weeks.

If you are new to trading or are a seasoned trader, Equinox software is a good bet. The system is not difficult to use. It was designed in such a way that anyone, even beginner traders can easily understand it and be up and running within minutes. Even if you have difficulties using the Equinox software, it has a customer support that will always see you through. Dow Jones Focus Group software provides twenty-four hours support for its users.

Of course with all autotrading robots, we always recommend that you only trade with disposable income. Never get intoxicated by a robot’s winning streak and dump your life savings into the markets! Have discipline. Even the best robots will have some drawdowns at some point. The strategy is to always make sure you bank your profits when it trends up and maintain a sound money management philosophy.

Product Name : Dow Jones Focus group

Signals Type : Automated Binary signals with 83% Win rate



Review: What is Dow Jones Focus Group Equinox Software?

Equinox software was designed by advanced traders, with many failsafes built in to counteract volatility in the markets. In today’s environment, we are of the opinion that it is one of the safest trading robot systems that you can rely on today to exploit the market. The producers took time to study the underlying risks in the market and produced a system, which can not only make traders lot of money, but can also minimize the risks traders can encounter when trading in the wild world of forex and binary options.

Who Can Benefit from Equinox Software?

Both new and advanced traders will find that Equinox is one of the easiest to use autotrading softwares on the market today. It was created with new traders in mind. As such, the learning curve is minimal. As automated software, the system can trade for you if you choose that option or it can tell when you should trade and when to exit the market. The app makes everything easy for you. For the experienced trader, Equinox makes it easier for them to have full control of their trades using manual mode. It is definitely robust and, from our observations so far, specializes in prudent trades without automatically betting the farm every time a hot trend appears.


Why You Should Use Dow Jones Focus Group Equinox Software

There are many reasons you should check out the Equinox robot. Research has shown that it consistently has more than a 79 percent winning rate, often averaging closer to 83%. Before it was released a few weeks ago, it was used for more than a decade in Wall Street brokerage houses by experienced traders. The product was tried over the years, and was found to be better than most other algos. It was good for Wall Street traders and is currently gaining steam with rank and file traders in the real world.

Advantages of Dow Jones Focus Group Software

  1. Equinox is the most user-friendly robot on the internet today. When you use it, you will discover the great benefits of using the package. It is not surprising that only a few weeks after it was released, it has enjoyed such a tremendous support worldwide. Here are some more of the great benefits you can derive from using this amazing software:
  2. It is simple and very easy to use. This is why a novice can use it. If you can browse the web and use pages like Facebook, you can use the system. It gives you instructions on what to do at any time.
  3. Equinox provides splendid support. Anytime you have problems with your trading, you can contact their support department and they will provide support immediately.
  4. The software is not a scam. It is legit as we have seen ourselves and from the number of satisfied high-profile forum members posting on prominent forex and binary discussion boards.
  5. The product works and works well. Dow Jones Focus Group app delivers all it claims. It works efficiently. It is not like those scam products that trade wildly, causing you to blow out your account in days (or minutes!).


There is hardly any software that you do not find fault. The only fault that you can find from this system is that you cannot win all the time with it. It offers a 75-83% percent winning rate. Of course that is a pretty amazing track record. But you should still have at least a basic knowledge of the market when using this, or any bot; If only to maintain discipline during winning or losing streaks, to avoid either betting the farm or abandoning trades prematurely. At the end of the day, this is a great software that does all it promises to its users. Besides, if any robot promises you a 100% winning streak – run! No such animal exists.


If you want tested and trusted software that can improve your chances of solid gains in your trading account, then you should use Equinox’s Dow Jones Focus Group robot. It gets one of our highest recommendations of all the robots we have tested over the past two years. The system actually delivers all it promises to its thousands of customers. Whether you are a new or professional trader, this software may turn out to be your go-to algo. You can rely on its signals to provide you with prudent potential trades. Either run it manually, deciding whether to take a trade yourself. Or run it full auto if you understand the benefits and risks of algorithmic trading. Equinox is highly recommended for anybody who wants to make some money online with minimal efforts.

Whatever you decide, just make sure to stay away from scam bots. We have been building up an extensive list of all such robots, just check out our scam list.

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  1. Belinda S. says

    With all the scams you guys review on this site, do you mean you finally have a POSITIVE review?!

    Am I dreaming?!

    I might finally get off my arse and try out one of these things.

  2. Maz T. says

    Best trading robot I’ve tried so far, and I’ve used at least 10 over the past 2 years.

    Account up 42% in just over 1 month! Keeping my fingers crossed…

    • David R. Swanson says

      Nope. All online.

      I chime in and also vouch for Dow Jones. Best performing trading solution so far in my experience.

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