DMM FX’s Special Happy New Year Campaign 2016


DMM FX, a trusted broker has come up with the special ‘Happy New Year Campaign 2016’. This special campaign is going to make all the DMM FX clients become happy in 2016. You’ll be able to win gifts and get good trading experience by becoming a part of this special campaign. DMM FX is always known to surprise traders and it seems that this New Year campaign is one of the special surprises for its clients.

The different platforms supported by DMM FX are Multi Platforms, MetaTrader 4 for desktop, mobiles etc. DMM FX always tries to provide a comfortable experience to all its clients. Start trading immediately in 2016 with DMM FX as it is running a special New Year campaign.

Details Related to Happy New Year Campaign 2016 of DMM FX

Happy New Year Campaign 2016 is for all the clients of DMM FX. This campaign will allow DMM FX clients to win special Apple gifts which are Apple iPhone 6S, Apple iWatch etc. There are even special gift cards to be won and that’s why most of the traders will be winning something in this campaign. Traders just need to fund their account and trade minimum volume for getting eligible for a prize. An amazing thing is that there is no special requirement as prize draw winners are randomly selected by DMM FX.

How to Enter the New Year Draw?

You may definitely be very excited to enter the New Year Draw of DMM FX. Entering the New Year special draw of DMM FX is very easy and you just need to complete the below mentioned steps.

  1. Sign up for a new account with DMM FX if you do not already have one yet. Old clients are also eligible for becoming a part of this New Year campaign.
  2. Funding of account is something which you need to do for becoming a part of the draw and minimum amount to be deposited is 200 base currency units.
  3. The minimum number of forex standard lots to be traded is 10. Still you can trade more as the chances of winning will increase with it.
  4. Just wait and watch as you may be selected as a winner as random selection procedure is followed by DMM FX.

You should remember that every 10 forex standard lots will make you eligible to receive a ticket. So if you’ll trade 10 forex standard lots many times, then you’ll have more tickets. Traders get eligible for the draw only for the forex trades done by them. Traders entering the draw need to close all the trades before Jan 09, 2016 and trades done using welcome bonus only doesn’t make a trader eligible for the bonus.

How to Receive the Prizes from DMM FX?

Every client is eligible to receive only one prize even if he has many tickets.

DMM FX will be announcing the first and second prize winners on 15 January, 2015 at 12:00 pm. The other winners will be announced on the website and also via email which is on 18th of the same month.

Those who’ll be getting a gift card will be able to easily redeem it as the special code will be sent via e-mail.

Important Terms and Conditions of Happy New Year Campaign 2016

  1. Depositing 200 base currency units as well as trading 10 forex standard lots both are important conditions for becoming a part of the draw.
  2. Traders who are trading with welcome bonus only won’t be eligible to be part of the New Year 2016 draw.
  3. Traders are bound by all the terms and conditions of Happy New Year campaign 2016 as well as the account terms of DMM FX.
  4. Only transactions in FX Contracts are considered for this draw and traders are not allowed to trade during news releases.
  5. The benefit for existing clients is that if they have made a deposit previously, then they won’t be again required to deposit money in their DMM FX account for becoming a part of this campaign.
  6. DMM FX can delete any account if it is found that a client is involved in any abusive activity.
  7. DMM FX can cancel the special Happy New Year campaign 2016 whenever it wants to.
  8. The special DMM FX’s New Year campaign 2016 can be combined in conjunction with 2 other campaigns which are DMM FX’s 100% + 30% Deposit Bonus campaign.

Make sure you’ve fulfilled all the terms and conditions of the Happy New Year 2016 campaign as otherwise you’ll lose a chance of winning a gift. You can hope that DMM FX will come with many more similar lucky draws in the year 2016.

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