Special Daily and Weekly Contest from Dukascopy


Dukascopy is running many contests for traders for giving them opportunity to win money. Daily and weekly contests have been liked by people as there are good prizes available for traders. These contests just want traders to play poker and become the highest standing player. Know more about this Poker contest organized by Dukascopy so that you also can make use of your knowledge about Poker for winning a prize.

Dukascopy’s Poker Contest Details

Everyone can take part in Dukascopy Poker contest. The weekly prizes for the top 3 players are $750, $500 and $250 respectively. The daily prizes are $100 and $50 respectively. A trader needs to open a live account and then choose the contest duration as per his choice. Dukascopy’s Poker contest is definitely an opportunity to regularly win prizes for all the traders.

How to Take Part in this Poker Contest of Dukascopy?

  1. Register to become member of Dukascopy community.
  2. Participate in daily freerolls for earning PKR.
  3. Use PKRs for taking part in all the special tournaments which are Daily, Weekly and Grand Prix.

Terms and Conditions of Dukascopy’s Poker Contest

  1. The highest standing players win this Poker contest.
  2. For withdrawing the bonus, a trader should trade the required number of lots.

Miss Dukascopy is one of the other amazing contests which Dukascopy is running and the amazing thing is that it is having prize money of 200,000$. If you like trading, then Dukat contest which has 5,000$ as the prize for the first place winner is a recommended contest.

A good thing about Dukascopy’s tournaments and contests is that it displays the prize winner names at the website. Everything related to the tournaments is always kept clear by Dukascopy.

The daily, weekly and other special tournaments for Poker players has made Dukascopy popular. Dukascopy won’t disappoint you as the tournaments have no special requirements. Do let us know that whether you win in any of the daily or weekly Poker contests of Dukascopy.

Remember to check back at our site often for broker bonus and contest updates!


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