Crazy ATM Software Scam or Gold? Our Review Exposes All!


Before you use any software, such as a binary options robot, for forex market trading, you have to cross check to be sure of its reliability. One such software raising concern is Crazy ATM. We have many reasons to believe that the software is a scam. Our review certainly determined as much. Please read all our evidence yourself and then consider whether their claims are believable or a scam by reviewing their own website,, and watching its videos.

Scam-Like From The Start

The creator of this binary options robot is a man called Gordon SEO; this guy does not have any last name. The fact that he has no last name is a big flaw and raises a serious credibility issue. This is enough to create the impression that it is a scam. Because he has no last name, it is difficult to trace his real identity. You cannot determine whether Gordon is a binary options trader or not.

We think that the Crazy ATM video contents did not do a good job to convince anybody to use this forex autotrading app. It portrays it in a bad light. The creator promotes the impression that the forex robot possesses artificial intelligence when it says that it monitors economic news, and adapts itself to the market condition. It is obvious to any professional trader that the software is feeding you with falsehood and they will not take kindly to this. This sends a negative impression and many can conclude that it is a scam. It fails to tell you how it can adapt itself without human intervention. Perhaps these forex robot creators had the impression that they were dealing with fools.

The only thing they got right in this frame is the down arrow! i.e. Your trading account!

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Review: The Flaws Keep Piling Up

If the above observations were not sufficient to raise your curiosity about Crazy ATM software as a scam, you will notice misleading information and major flaws in their video presentation. If you watch closely, you will observe that one of their shown positions had a 1-second expiry. If you are a trader, you will not waste time in writing it off. You may begin to ask what about 60 seconds expiry, why 1 second expiry? This could mean that creators of the binary options robot are not professional traders. This again raises a serious doubt about the genuineness of the autotrading app.

If you go through Crazy ATM trading app webpage, you will notice many incurable grammatical mistakes. The implication of this is that professionals did not construct the web content. You can begin to imagine how they think they can convince any trader by their fishy offers. Their bad grammar is enough to drive many people away. This is a big blow, because it tends to strengthen the assumption that it is a scam.

Crazy ATM Software Looks More Like A Gambling Website

Crazy ATM system claims to place trade on autopilot, and claims to trading on 60 seconds trades, which is risky as it can wipe your account pretty quickly if it is not robust. This could force traders to regard it as a gambling machine rather than trading software, especially since not enough details are given as to its trading strategy. It appears that they are selling a potentially fraudulent money sucking vacuum to us, and not a profitable trading tool.

Scam Video Presentation

After watching the introductory video, you will see another video pop up presenting a woman who calls herself Elisa. In this few minutes of video, you will discover the lack of creativity and intelligence on the part of the software creators. Many traders will discover that the lady was playing a fast one. She narrated how she placed three trades, out of which one was a losing trade. She fails to add more information about the trades, especially her trading positions such as Put, Call, Asset, so that we can believe her. This shows a lack of creativity. To many people, it looks like the creators of Crazy ATM trading robots target newbie traders who do not have enough experience to detect their tricks.

Their video comes across as very amateurish in our opinion


Another piece of evidence that suggests that the forex autotrading app targets inexperienced traders is the over emphasis on the fact that they give out the software free. This may be a ploy to force them to sign up for the trading robot, and part with their money in the name of funding their live trading account with a broker prescribed for them. Our findings reveal that you will open a new account with their broker even if you already have a live trading account. Many people we discovered paid as much as $500 and yet nothing comes out of it. This point to the fact that Crazy ATM or Pro Money Maker as it calls itself could not be free in the real sense of the word. You must part with your money before you can have access to the tool.

Crazy ATM Does Not Work With Any Trading Algorithm

It appears that the Crazy ATM system does not base its market calculation on any known algorithm. Its creators claim that the trading robot analyzes financial news on its own and watch the market moves. This is where many professional traders will disagree with the autotrader. To many it is clear evidence that the system does not derive its signals through acceptable algorithm. It is not believable for any trading bot to claim that it reads the financial news for you. This is sufficient to portray it in a bad light. Professional traders will tell you that the binary options market is not for the weak. Moreover, placing your trade on a wrong fundamental analysis will have negative implications on your trading account balances. This is why many traders have serious misgivings about this binary options robot.


In our Crazy ATM software review, we have discovered enough reasons, which make us to believe that it is a scam. We do not have any sufficient reason to believe that the software creator exists, as there is no way to investigate his identity and profile. The webpage is full of grammatical errors, which convince us that the forex robot is not reliable. Finally, we are yet to see any real trader acknowledge earning money using the software. Since nothing can be relied on, we recommend that you stay away from it.

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