CopyBuffet a Scam? Or A Profitable Trading Robot?


  • Can software on your computer automatically win trades for you, night and day?
  • Is it possible to earn big bucks, even with ZERO market or technical knowledge?
  • Are trading robots really too good to be true? Or do some actually work?

The dream of every day trader is to find that magical piece of automated software that will just do everything for him; Basically a trading robot that wins more times than it loses. The ideal trading robot would be completely turn-key, with no technical knowledge necessary. The reason this dream persists is because every trader knows that such software exists. We have all read the reports of this or that famous trader who made a few million dollars trading the markets by just running a piece of software on his desktop PC. Sounds too good to be true – and yet it happens every day!

Of course, the vast majority of “trading robots” sold on the market today are scams. Every single week we have reviewed scam robot after scam robot. Just check out our extensive scam list. But every now and then, we do run into a piece of software that actually wins in our live market tests. As many of our regular readers know, such trading robots are very few and far between. We come across a winner maybe 2 or 3 times per year vs dozens of losers.

When we were asked to beta-test the CopyBuffet binary options robot, we were more than a little skeptical. Thankfully, however, this forex robot turned out to be one of the few good ones! In fact, we are excited to share our findings with you and we ultimately recommend Copy Buffest as one of our top 10 robots to use.

Copy Buffet Review: An Amazing Win Rate

In our 3 weeks of beta testing across two of our trading accounts, Copy Buffet has managed an incredible 82% win rate with as many as 500 trades in some 24 hour periods. This is nothing short of an amazing performance. We have talked to a number of other reviewers and they concur – with win rates ranging from 75% to 90% across the board. The programmer of this autotrader, one Jeremy Fin, obviously knows what he is doing (unlike most trading robot programmers)

Give this man a medal!

best forex robot

Jeremy Fin, a programmer by trade, decided to dig deep into Warren Buffet’s trading style just after the financial crisis of 2008. As many of our readers are likely aware, Warren Buffet is the most successful financial trader in the world and also one of the planet’s richest men. Buffet is famous for taking an analytical and passive approach to investing using techniques outlined in the trading bible, “Security Analysis” by Graham and Dodd.

Warren Buffet

best binary options robot


What Jeremy Fin has done is study absolutely everything about Warren Buffet’s trading techniques, including going back to the Graham and Dodd source documents. With a team of top-notch programmers, Fin then created a sophisticated algorithm that manages to mimic this trading style. The fact that the entire system is computerized and automated also has the added benefit of taking the emotion out of every trade. Of course, a great many trading robot programmers claim that their system can achieve similar results. But so far only CopyBuffet actually passes muster in the real world, with our own tests. As many of our readers know, there are very few trading robots we actually recommend and CopyBuffet is now one of them.

CopyBuffet Scam: Thankfully – No!

The vast majority of trading robots we review fall easily into the scam category. Spotting such a scam is usually easy. First up, sloppy website marketing is the immediate give-away. Most of these fly-by-night operators are incredibly lazy and just copy and paste images from stock photo sites. The most common fraud technique is to hire actors from to pose as traders, giving one fake testimonial after another. And of course, the final nail in the coffin is when such a robot is tested and fails miserably – usually wiping out a trading account in a matter of days.

We are happy to report that CopyBuffet is none of these things. This forex trading robot is legit and we highly recommend it. Their site is professional and clean, all way round.

You Get a Trading Partner – They Only Profit When You Do!

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about CopyBuffet is that their software is free and they get paid when you make a profit! That’s right, you don’t have to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars up front, like many trading robots and signals providers. The folks at CopyBuffet are so confident in their system that they only take 5% of your profits as a revenue share after the trial period. This means they have a huge incentive in seeing you succeed!


Excellent Support

Unlike most two-bit trading robot sites that don’t even respond to their paid members’ emails, the staff at Copy Buffest is on point. Their support via phone or chat is on 24/7 and has proven excellent when we put them to the test. Support of this nature is vitally important, especially for newer traders who need a bit of hand-holding in the beginning stages. And even if you are veteran trader, it’s just good to know that the people you are entrusting with your trades are in your corner.

Ease Of Use

You might think this goes without saying. After all, it’s a trading robot, right? Well, you would be surprised at how many sloppily designed autotraders we have seen in our careers. Bad programmers can sometimes make trading with their robots more of a chore than just trading manually. Thankfully though, the Copy Buffet trading app is highly intuitive to use and very well designed. You literally just need to be able to point and click your mouse and you will be ready to trade in no time, with excellent stats neatly laid out in your dashboard.

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Copy Buffet Summary

  • An 82% win rate in our trading tests over 3 weeks and thousands of trades
  • Revenue share model – only 5% of your profits after the trial period
  • Excellent support by phone or live chat
  • Special forum for members
  • Very easy to use, even by complete novices
  • Up to 500 trade signals per day! Phenomenal trading opportunities
  • No fraudulent scam marketing
  • CySec regulated and trusted brokers
  • Available in the USA and around the world (except India, Nigeria and Uganda)



Our review verdict is that the CopyBuffet trading robot is not a scam and in fact joins our Top 10 list as one of the best bets out there for automated trading. It is designed around an incredible algorithm and boasts and impressive win rate. We recommend this app and now use it ourselves in our own staff trading accounts. We can’t give it a higher endorsement than that!

Let us know your experience with CopyBuffet in the comment section below!

And we will leave you with some investing advice from the big man himself!

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  1. Arant says

    I was part of the beta testing group for Copy Buffet and am happy to report that it has been great so far. No one paying me for the endorsement, just giving it a thumbs up after having tried a dozen trading bots in the past with less than great results.

  2. yousef mohammed says

    It’s free for the first 30 days, then they do revenue share. No hidden fees. I’m very happy with it. Started small and so far earning 7% per week profit. I suggest starting only with $300 or so in your account. When you make profits for a couple of weeks and prove it works for you, then you can put in more. So far it’s a great robot and I am trading full auto. No more looking at charts or news. Just let this thing trade! Hope wins conitnues.

  3. Sandra Roberts says

    How much experience with trading and technical analysis do you realistically need to operate this trading robot? Or is it plug and play? Recommended for beginners?

  4. Saif L. says

    Sandra – it’s perfect for beginners. Pure plug and play, not even any trading knowledge needed (though I suggest u should at least understand the very basics of what trading is).

    Of course also good for advanced traders who want to diversify their strategies. I’ve been trading myself 10 years now. Have 5 accounts. On only 1 account I do my own manual trading with my own technical analysis strategy. Other 4 accounts are good automated trading robots. Overall portfolio has been great last 4 years. First 6 years was hell! You have to stick with it!

  5. Allen D. says

    Just wanted to drop a note here about my experience so far with this trading robot.

    I read this very review about 4 months back and decided to take the chance. Well so far it gave me the best trading results of my 5 year trading hobby! I only traded smaller amounts but the growth has been an average of 32% per month!!! Exactly 742 trades so far, so it’s not a fluke. Performance has been consistent. Now I’m kicking myself for not trading larger amounts! Then again, I just don’t want to take the chance quite yet, so I will continue to trade with less than $2,000 overall. But at this rate, the balance should grow quickly and I will bet bigger amounts and keep my fingers crossed for continued solid performance!!

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