Watch Special Video Stream from CommexFX: A Special Benefit


CommexFX is giving its clients a special benefit which will allow them to watch live video stream providing news and other important information. CommexFX is a special broker as it allows traders to trade in currencies, commodities, spot metals etc. It is a broker which guarantees safety of funds as there is segregation of client funds and the funds are always deposited in international global banks. Know about the special benefits of watching live video stream which CommexFX is offering to traders as it may definitely help you in getting boost in your trading journey.

TV from CommexFX Details

CommexFX is giving traders the opportunity to get special access to video stream which is very useful for traders. This special TV will allow traders to know corporate news, daily market outlook as well as weekly market outlook. This TV can become one of the online destinations for all the traders who are looking to get best information at the right time. CommexFX’s special TV won’t disappoint you as it always covers latest news and you’ll be always able to get useful information.

How to get Access to Live Video Stream of CommexFX?

CommexFX TV access is going to be provided to all clients for free until December 31, 2016. As it is going to be available to each and every client, some new traders may definitely like to join CommexFX for getting this benefit. Here are the steps to follow for getting access to live video stream ofCommexFX.

  1. Register for an account at CommexFX if you’re not having an account with them.
  2. Start watching the different channels at the TV section of the CommexFX website.
  3. If you don’t get access to the special live TV even after making a new account, then you can definitely contact the support team of CommexFX.

Special Benefits of CommexFX’s TV

There are 3 different options available for the different clients of CommexFX. By watching the corporate channel, you’ll be able to know all the important campaigns of CommexFX as well as the different forex promotions of CommexFX. Daily Outlook channel of CommexFX is liked by most traders as it focuses on world economies, currency rates movements and many other important things. Weekly Outlook channel is also very useful as it always covers the latest economic events. If you don’t have time to watch CommexFX regularly, then the Weekly Outlook channel is definitely going to be beneficial as it covers various aspects of Forex Market every week.

Other Advantages of Joining CommexFX

CommexFX as a broker is very advantageous for traders as it has got different trading platforms which are Myfxbook AutoTrade, special mobile platforms and MT4. It is giving traders opportunity to trade forex with spreads which are as low as 0.4 pips making many traders happy. Even depositing money and withdrawing money is very easy as CommexFX always wants clients to do transactions faster than they are able to do with other brokers.

CommexFX’s live video streaming service is definitely a special one as every broker doesn’t offer such type of service. You should definitely give it a try as later on the access to CommexFX’s TV may require clients to pay a particular fee to get access to this TV. Do let us know that whether you like to watch live TV at CommexFX website.

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