Markets Group Organizes 5th Annual Columbian Investors Forum


Markets Group is going to make you happy as it invites you to 5th annual Colombian Investors forum. This forum is going to take place at NH Collection, Calle in Colombia. The entry to this Colombian forum is not free, but you may then too like to register because it brings in lot of knowledge and things to learn. Know about the 5th annual Colombian Investors Forum that is going to take place on February 11, 2016.

5th Annual Colombian Investors Forum Details

Colombian Investors forum will take place for 8 hours in Colombia on 11th February, 2016. This event allows participation of traders, investors, international brokers, financial institutions, analysts and all other people connected to the forex market. Asset managers will learn the art of diversifying their portfolio by attending the event. One on one meeting with experts will give you an opportunity to ask the questions of your choice. Networking sessions and the conferences of prestigious speakers will allow you to gain lot of knowledge of forex market. Regulatory change, asset allocation, portfolio diversification are some of the interesting topics about which talks will take place.

Special Information for Colombian Traders and Investors

Colombian traders and investors can gain a lot of knowledge from this event. The event will have discussion on best opportunities for investments, capital raising techniques as well as one will get to know about the latest institutional trends. It will be a special gathering of forex industry as 200 investors and asset managers will be the part of it.

How to Attend the 5th Annual Colombian Investors Forum?

It is not a free event to attend as lot of investment is done to organize this Colombian forum. Payment of registration fee is a must to attend this forum. Here is what you need to do to attend the 5th annual Colombian Investors forum.

  1. Fill out the registration form.
  2. Pay the registration fee.

There are different payment modes available to pay the registration fee

You can ask for the agenda at the Markets Group website and even have a look at the list of the amazing speakers. It is one of the much awaited forum among the Colombian investors as it brings many amazing opportunities. If you can travel to Colombia, then definitely you need to try to attend this Investors forum as the 8 hours of the forum may bring a boost to your trading journey.

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