Citidel Investment App Scam? Our Review Busts Open the Truth!


We are excited today to discuss the Citidel Investment App by one Dr. Kent Grifly. Why excited? Because week after week at ForexBonus100, we have been getting depressed reviewing one scam trading robot after another. Just check out our scams page when you have some time, to survey the vast field of worthless con jobs that exist in the binary options trading robot market.

But today, we are excited! Finally we get a trading robot that does everything right and might very well turn out to be our main go-to trading robot for 2016. Our very own staff members (all of whom are experienced traders) have averaged an amazing 88% return over the past three months of testing it in full auto mode.

What’s unique about this software deal is that the user also gets a full conference pass ($399 value) to any of the appearances that Dr. Grifly makes around the world as well as an online webinar. Just watch the video below for more info:

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Who Is Dr. Grifly And Why Do We Vouch For Him And His Trading Robot?

First, it’s important to point who Dr. Grifly is NOT. If you have read our previous scam reviews on other robots, you will note the trend of fake CEOs. Most trading robot use fraudulent marketing, right down to the identity of their supposed creators. We have pointed out time and time again how most of those CEO pictures are either stock images or other images stolen outright from random websites. Fake identities abound.

Dr. Grifly Speaking in Chicago

Dr. Kent Grifly

Dr. Kent Grifly graduated from Iowa State University with a doctoral degree in economics. Just a few years later in 1983, he started Grifly Capital LLC where he was the Chief Investment Strategist and CEO. And from the early 2000s onward, he became well known through various industry newsletters that he published. Most of us at ForexBonus100 first got wind of Dr. Grifly from those newsletters. In recent years, he has also been speaking in person at events such as the FB investors Cruise, WMS in Toronto and the Financial Expo in Las Vegas. Our head reviewer got to meet Dr. Grifly last year in Las Vegas and came away impressed by the breadth and depth of his trading knowledge. So naturally, we were all intrigued when Dr. Grifly launched the Citidel Investment App.

Citidel Investment App – One of the Best Binary Options Robots We have Tested

The Citidel App is fully automated and is synched with your broker account. If you can open a browser and click a mouse, then you can run this app. No knowledge of technical or fundamental analysis is necessary as the robot itself is programmed with a sophisticated trading strategy. It does all the thinking for you and removes all emotion from the trading process. What the actual “secret sauce” is, we can’t say. We certainly have some hunches on how the algorithm works but the only people who know are Dr. Grifly and his team of programmers. They only thing we DO know for sure, is that it definitely works! We have tried it on multiple accounts now for more than fourteen weeks and have averaged just over an 88% gain across all our trader accounts.

Gain Confidence With a Small Investment – Don’t Bet the Farm!

Of course, like in any kind of trading, past results are no guarantee of future results. But to the extent that we can test a trading app, we have done so and can enthusiastically vouch for Citidel. What’s more, all users get a free pass to any of the live speaking conferences and live webinars to further their trading knowledge. We don’t know of any other trading robot that offers such a real-world benefit!

For more information on the Citidel Investment App, we encourage you to visit their site at to learn more. If this is your first foray into autotrading, we encourage you to start small to test it out. Just fund your broker account with at most a few hundred dollars. Never bet the farm from the get-go! Just start small and watch the robot trade. You could always put in more after you have made solid gains and have full confidence in the trading methodology. What’s more, it’s much easier to sleep at night knowing that your robot is trading with profits already generated from that same robot, vs trading with your life savings! All trading carries some risk, after all. But with a good robot and sound money management, you can significantly mitigate those risks and become a successful trader.

Citidel Investment App Review – Verdict: Not a Scam!

The Citidel Investment App joins our shortlist (a very short list) of great trading robots. In fact, it is now one of our top three binary options softwares of all time. We give it our highest marks. Given the proliferation of scams out there (check out our scams page) it is refreshing to come across something that actually works, and works well.

Smart traders will likely get on board early with Citidel and will likely earn 80%+ returns. Don’t make the mistake of being one of the late adopters! We saw that happen with FAPTurbo. That robot was generating amazing returns for thousands of traders. But once tens of thousands started using it, the market clearly corrected for all those similar trades and the bottom fell out. All trading robots are scalable to a point. But once saturation hits, it’s hard to keep generating positive ROI for everyone. So don’t wait! Always grab a good robot at the ground floor and then move on to the next one should it ever run out of steam.


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  1. Topper says

    Thanks. I subscribed to Grifly’s newsletter in 2010. Made some decent coin on his trades. Will check out this robot.

  2. Marcus Pirelli says

    Been researching this app all this week. Thank you for the review. With all the scams you guys have highlighted it’s great to finally read about one that might actually work!! 🙂

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