Is Citadel Ltd Investment App A Scam ? Our Review Dissects The Truth!!

In preparing for this review to find out ” Is Citadel Ltd a Scam Investment App or Not”.We discovered that it one of the more reliable trading robots we have ever reviewed, with some spectacular gains in our over 3 months of testing. In fact, we liked it so much this is actually our second review on the software. You can find our first review here.By reading this Citadel Investment App system review you will find out how we know it is not a scam and why it can be trusted.

How the Citadel Ltd Investment App Works ?

This web based binary options robot can be used on every type of Internet browser and there is a mobile version for use on tablets and smart phones. Citadel Ltd Investment App software is available worldwide, for use in all countries where there are no restrictions on binary options.

Trading signals generated by the software are based on continuous monitoring and analysis of price movements in volatile financial markets. The Citadel Ltd system works as an autotrading robot that places a trade for you as soon as a signal indicates that a high return can be made within a set amount of time.

Let a good robot trade for you

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Advantages of Trading With The Citadel Investment App

The Citadel Investment  software has been beta tested by our own staff traders and, in just three months of autotrading, it has generated returns of up to 88%.

The autotrading robot has been well designed, so trading is very easy, even for someone with little knowledge of binary options and no previous trading experience. When you register for the free App you have free access to support team from Citadel Ltd, so help is available seven days a week by email.One of the most positive features of the Citadel Ltd method is backed by reputable binary options brokers. When you sign up you are told which broker accounts will work with the Citadel software.

Click below to watch the Citadel Investment App video to get the full scoop

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Free Conferences and Webinars!

When you sign up for the free Citadel Investment software, you also get a free conference pass that entitles you to attend a live conference for investors, where you can learn from the experts, and see the app’s creator, Dr. Kent Grifly in person. These conferences take place around the world and normally cost $399 to attend. You also get free access to some live training webinars.

Background Review of Citadel Ltd

There are many scam trading systems around and most of them are promoted using actors posing as CEOs of companies that do not exist. In this Citadel Ltd Investment App review we are pleased to inform you that the man behind this offer, Dr Kent Grifly, is very well known within the investment management industry. He obtained a doctorate in economics from Iowa University and has worked for years as a successful financial analyst. Many traders subscribe to his newsletters and follow his advice.

Dr. Grifly in Chicago

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Since 1983 Dr Grifly he has run his own financial management company, Grifly Capital LLC, and he is the founder of Citadel Ltd. In 2015 the 350 traders working for this company generated $986 million in revenue.

Is Citadel Investment App a scam?

We found no signs of any Citadel Investment App scam. To the contrary, our own staff traders used it for over three months and got amazing results, averaging over 88% returns. We also found verified results from other trading groups who have beta tested the autotrading robot, and also people who have personally met Dr Kent Grifly, the founder of Citadel Ltd program. They can confirm that he deserves his worldwide reputation as a top financial forecaster.

It is a sure sign that there is no Citadel Ltd trading scam when real traders give a positive review of their experience of beta testing the system. Our online research for this review found traders who have tested it and generated returns of 84%, 87% and 88%. Any scam would claim to have a much higher success rate. The reality is that no matter how good a forex robot is, traders should always exercise prudent money management and never get carried away by placing their life savings with a binary options robot.

The Citadel Ltd website, provides plenty of honest information, with details of the business behind the trading robot. There is responsive support from the company and an exclusive free offer to attend a conference, where you can actually get to speak with the founder, Dr Kent Grifly. He is a regular speaker at these conferences for investors.

There can be no doubt that this is a genuine offer for reliable autotrading. If the Citadel Investment App was a scam, there would be far less information available on the website about how the binary options robot works and the company behind it. Furthermore, like many apps we test, it would have failed in our testing with negative ROI. Fortunately for our traders, they all got a pleasant surprise! Needless to say, they will continue to run the app in their own trading accounts.

Pricing and How to Get Started with the Citadel Investment App

There is no cost for registration or for the use of autotrading robot. You will be required to open and fund a trading account that works with the Citadel method. With the free software offer you also get access to live online training webinars and a free conference pass, worth $399.

To get started, just visit the official Citadel Ltd website (note the app is also branded as Citidel). There you will see where to register by submitting your name and a good email address.

After the simple registration, you are taken to a page where you will find a reputable binary options broker. You will need to open an account and fund it for trading. Most brokers require a minimum deposit of at least $250 to start with.

When you open up the Citadel Investment App and sign in, you will need to indicate how much you want to place on each trade. Click on AutoTrading to allow the binary options robot to place trades for you.

If you are new to binary options, test the trading robot with no more than a few hundred dollars and start by placing a small percentage of your deposit on each trade. When you let profits build up in your trading account, you can increase the amount of your trades later on for higher gains.

If you need any help, you can always contact Support at Citadel Ltd by email.

Conclusion of This Citadel Investment App Review

The evidence in this review of the Citadel Ltd App proves that there is no scam involved. On the contrary, it is one of the best robots we have ever tested and easily sits amongst our top five choices. It is clearly a robust binary options robot, which can be trusted to generate solid, consistent returns.

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